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Colts @ Titans, Nov. 12, 2020, 8:20pm EST


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Just now, IinD said:

Agreed. I know you aren't afraid to kill the team and I'm usually positive or at least try to be, but they're struggling when they need a yard or run it up the gut.

They can't impose their will on teams like the last couple years..


Cmon need a td here guys...

And Titans have a horrible D

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Just now, Dasteez said:

Our offense...between the coaching and the personnel. I just don’t follow the thought process. Key third down and Hines isn’t your back. He catches that for the TD 9 times out of 10. Also take the pts before and this is a 1 pt game. Smh 

I don’t get they use Hines to run between the tackles on 3rd and short all the time.  Then they use Wilkins to pass catch on 3rd and short.  Frank out thinks himself and thinks he’s fooling people when he’s not.

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2 minutes ago, chickenMan said:

Our offense is absolutely disgusting inside the red zone, just eye-bleedingly bad

I think a large part of this is because they don't have to account for Rivers to run at all. Even with QB's like Luck, Rodgers, Ryan T, etc, teams plan for the QB. They can drop an extra person or blitz to create pressure

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    • I think this will be an interesting game that will have the Colts gaining a ton of yards between the 20s but they will struggle scoring because of our OL and the strength of the TN DL.  TN defense looks bad if you look at the numbers but they have been elite on third downs and in the RZ.  They have good CBs and a great rush.  They have been leaky between the twenties because their ILB Cunnigham has reverted back to his Houston Days and Hooker has taken bad angles in run game.  Both of them are out this week.  So TN will play a ton of zone behind their front so we will need to have a lot of 15 play drives.  We'll get yards but without owning the LOS and having weak WR points will be tough in RZ.     We need JT to score on long runs.     TN is going to nickle and dime us with the PA game and I think they are going to target Fayscon and Leonard.  Speed has shown me that he is a great run defender LB.  I'd play him over Leonard against Henry.  Leonard is too slight and Henry has always had success against him.    TO will help is win but TN knows TO is how we make hay.  I expect them to be uber conservative  on O and methodical and get to the 4th Q and run Henry down our throat when we are tired.  Their defense and punting game is going to give the OL fits.  I think their new punter is going to try to play a field position game.  I expect a lot of punts in this game on both sides.       I see this coming down to a LOS game.  This is why I think we are in trouble.  Their DL on our OL is a huge mismatch.  The fact Ryan cannot move means big plays in pass game is not likely.  I bet the screen game is a big part of our success.  Hines will get a lot of touches.  
    • Who is "everyone LOVED it when it was played in Hawaii"?    I could care less where it is held.  
    • The team followed the rules in place and Tua said he was fine.  Without that one hit we wouldn't be talking about this.
    • He's no doubt a better HC than OC. He's not the HC I would've picked - a bit too soft; I'm in favor of kicking * and taking names when players don't earn their paychecks. The players seem to love him, even if some are starting to call out the coaching.
    • I'm not convinced about our talent at the skill positions, but until Frank actually tries something different to open up the field, it's really difficult to evaluate our talent. In my opinion it's at least 90% on Frank right now.   I agree JT is a downhill RB. It's hasn't been a problem until now, but DCs have figured out they can freely defend it without us punishing it.   When we traded Wentz I was also hoping we would go for Mariota. The kind of talent he brings with his running ability could be huge here. I love watching Jackson and Mahomes because of their mobility, but if we had a QB like that I would be covering my eyes every time they took off - the odds of injury just goes up when they run.
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