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Colts @ Titans, Nov. 12, 2020, 8:20pm EST


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Just now, IinD said:

Agreed. I know you aren't afraid to kill the team and I'm usually positive or at least try to be, but they're struggling when they need a yard or run it up the gut.

They can't impose their will on teams like the last couple years..


Cmon need a td here guys...

And Titans have a horrible D

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Just now, Dasteez said:

Our offense...between the coaching and the personnel. I just don’t follow the thought process. Key third down and Hines isn’t your back. He catches that for the TD 9 times out of 10. Also take the pts before and this is a 1 pt game. Smh 

I don’t get they use Hines to run between the tackles on 3rd and short all the time.  Then they use Wilkins to pass catch on 3rd and short.  Frank out thinks himself and thinks he’s fooling people when he’s not.

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2 minutes ago, chickenMan said:

Our offense is absolutely disgusting inside the red zone, just eye-bleedingly bad

I think a large part of this is because they don't have to account for Rivers to run at all. Even with QB's like Luck, Rodgers, Ryan T, etc, teams plan for the QB. They can drop an extra person or blitz to create pressure

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    • Shhh, the more he is "overlooked" the better off Downs and the Colts will be.
    • Dude diving for that catch made a fan of me. 
    • He is superbly quick, nearly unguardable. A very high % as a extension of our run game. With the speed to wheel them over the top. The guy should perform as a 9/10 in our offense.    
    • I think PFF is useful for analyzing individual players. But if I want to analyze the team's pass rush performance, I don't want to know how many times the individual players pressured the QB; I want to know the number of plays we managed to pressure the opposing QB.    For example, the QB drops back 50 times in a game, and he's pressured 15 times, and sacked three times. Let's say each of those 15 plays where he's pressured, there are two defenders getting pressure. PFF would count that as 30 pressures for the defense, because they're acknowledging that two players got a pressure on one play. Same process if each sack was shared among two players; they'd count six sacks, even though the QB was only sacked on three plays.   And that's fine, because that's their focus. But I think that context needs to be acknowledged when we're talking about team performance. Because, as we know with our pass rush last year, we feasted against bad offenses, but there were too many situations where we failed to get pressure at all.    So I like to use PFR when talking about team performance, because their sack/pressure stats are on a per-play basis, rather than per-player. Both metrics can be used together, I just think PFR tells us 'the opposing QBs dropped back this many times, faced pressure on this many plays, and were sacked this many times.' And now we can clearly see how frequently the pass rush is affecting the QB. Or in the case of the 2023 Colts, how infrequently... 
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