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The entire NFC West could be making it when it is all said and done.


49ers might be the only one on the outside looking in due to all their injuries but Kyle Shanahan has done a very good job devising run plays to so many different RBs like his Dad used to do. It is a pity he could not do so as the Falcons' OC vs Patriots when they needed to ice the game in the SB.


I feel good with saying 3 out of the 4 NFC West teams will definitely make it.

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    • I would completely disagree with everything you say.  Two years and saying he is who he is after a short lived football life is completely wrong.  Comparing him to players (Winston) who played since they were 5 is a bad comparison.  Look at Mo Allie-Cox as a better example.  He looks a lot better now this year.  Why? Because he has had time to adjust to football versus basketball.   Can the wrestling be coached out of Ya-Sin, no probably not.  You don't have to though.  He is a natural athlete and competitor so he probably wants to learn or he would not be starting.  Some players take time, yes time, which is more than just a two year time stamp.
    • That type of stuff is nearly impossible to coach out of someone. Generally speaking players are who they are in college. QBs who turn the ball over in college, tend to do the same in the pros (Winston). Receivers who drop passes in college tend to drop passes in the NFL (Sammy Coates, Eric Ebron).   It’s been 2 years, he is who he is at this point. You can’t simply coach that out of him. It’s a mentality and part of his game. You see why he grabs too. When he doesn’t he almost always gets beat. He got beat by Brown on that TD play and then started grabbing and putting his hands in the receivers face mask so he wouldn’t get beat.   Also the whole young and needing growth thing goes out the window when you’re a starter in your second year. He’s a pro now and he’ll be treated as such. That’s why he got benched.
    • We awarded Stewart so he is off this list now.  A good 3T and 1T combo for the future.
    • I like a LT in the first if one is available worth the pick.  I cannot stand Clark as our depth personally.  Round 2 and 3 I would hope for a CB and WR/DE. We need another solid CB for depth based on Rhodes might not coming back and Carrie being the next best who also might not be back. Tell should play next year but a year sitting does not help any progression.  WR to replace TY, yes! And DE to replace Houston as well.
    • Darius Leonard and Walker are a solid duo. And if I’m not mistaken 3 LBs have an interception for us this season. Our guys actually have speed and can cover for once. Would you prefer D’Qwell Jackson and Antonio Morrison? The good ole 2 down thumpers.
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