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Trade for Darnold/ Yes or No

Do you think the Colts trade for Sam Darnold  

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  1. 1. Do you think the Colts trade for Sam Darnold?

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I don't post much but this topic seems to be so defiant for most where I'm more in the gray. The issue I have is welllll... the Jets are a terrible as team. Most importantly they are a poorly ran organization. I believe the organization failed this kid from day one. How can Darnold be consistently good when the organization is consistently bad. What weapons does he really have? I love Frank Gore but the guy is far past his prime. He has a O-line that lets opposing D-Lines feast in the back field (At least every time I watch ). He either has to run or force the ball down the field. I don't believe this is the best way to develop a QB but for some reason people expect a young QB to come into the league throwing dimes and winning games with terribleness around him. If Darnold is suppose to be good my question is...how?  Patrick Mahomes couldn't come in and make the Jets a winning team. Of course he's bad right now there is no way he could have been good. And by no means am I a Darnold fan but I do acknowledge the situation that he is in as well as a lot of young QBs. If the colts felt that they can pull the best out of this guy and help him be consistent.. I wouldn't be a opposed to the idea of trading for him. It all depends of what we have to give up.   

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19 hours ago, BleedBlue4Shoe86 said:

So everywhere I turn and everywhere that I read has stated that the most logical place for Sam Darnold is the Colts.  Everyone is predicting a trade from the Colts.  I believe what I have always believed, if Ballard and Reich think he is the Franchise QB, make the trade.  But my question is simple...


Do you think the Colts will trade for Same Darnold?

As someone who doesn't really look around for news, can you provide links of the "everywhere" this is being discussed?

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