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Still want Cam Newton and Andy Dalton over Philip Rivers?

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Cam don't need no stinkin HOF, he's Superman!!! Lol


But seriously,  Cam has had a rough time lately. Multiple serious career threatening injuries,  rehabbing, injuries rehabbing, injuries, pain, etc..  Lesser men would have retired. Then he was cut to save money and then covid/pandemic came and teams couldn't even examine him to determine if he was healthy to sign. Then no training camp, no preseason and signed late with Pat's. Then after starting out well he tested positive to covid and missed more time. 


Going forward year or two I predict more production from him than rivers. 

And though he probably will never have anywhere near as many kids as rivers, he does have a MVP and a Super Bowl appearance which I highly doubt rivers ever will. 

And like I said before,  he's a Snazzy Dresser. haha

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The grass is always greener on the other side, folks.   Philip may not be perfect, he may make a few decisions that may cost a game or two over the season but he is still the best option for

Kurt Warner had more accomplishments than Cam Newton has, in a less passer-friendly era, including two league MVPs, three SB appearances, a SB win and a SB MVP. And he had two incredible peaks, in whi

No he isn't.

12 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Rivers is clearly better than both and Dalton is out for the season = once again Ballard knows what he is doing. Man Rivers looked fantastic today at times, like he hasn't aged a bit.

Agreed, even an old franchise QB can still play like a franchise qb if given some time and allowed to create some team chemistry.

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No Way! Don’t even think about it!

Do not even mention the current quarterback from the “Once On Top” New England Patriots for our team. This guy went down hill after losing to the Denver Broncos. 

He needs to be sent down to the minor leagues if there was one. 

Change the subject, please!

If you look up “Diva” on the internet you just might see his picture.


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On 11/1/2020 at 1:37 PM, chad72 said:

Philip Rivers is telling us like Randy Quaid in Independence Day “Boyzzz I’m backkkk...” :) 


Actually, that's a more accurate comparison than one may think. Because if there's one quarterback who, more than any other, would sacrifice 100% of himself on the last gasp Hail Mary of a chance to win for his teammates (since he did just that every single time he dropped back in the immediately disintegrating pocket for 14 years in SoCal), then once he was dead and buried after the attempt would be just as quickly cast aside and forgotten by 99% of the onlookers, yet knowing that very fact (that he'd be forgotten), he'd do it in a heartbeat, without hesitation, anyway, it's one Philip Rivers.


So yeah, that's actually a very good comparison.

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