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Browns could of lost. That would of put the cherry on top.

You had snow idea!   

I started this fool Josh Allen on my fantasy team    

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Go Steelers. Hopefully the Bengals can beat the Browns also. Raiders need to lose in the late game also.

Just now, holeymoley99 said:

Tennessee without their starting LT suck...they are done seriously

I forgot about that.

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1 minute ago, Chloe6124 said:

Go Steelers. Hopefully the Bengals can beat the Browns also. Raiders need to lose in the late game also.

I forgot about that.

It truly changes their whole offense, they are in major trouble. 

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1 minute ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

LOL.  A botched Tenn punt and the Steelers can get at least a FG before the half.

...but they don't.  24-7 Pitt at the half.  Tenn is definitely in trouble.

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5 minutes ago, holeymoley99 said:

Tennessee schedule becomes very tough, Indy twice who always seems to have their number Ravens, 1 loss Bears and quickly improving Bengals..maybe 1-4 in those....ouch

It could be bad


   Clowney hurt? Too

Bad weather game in Denver

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9 minutes ago, holeymoley99 said:

Especially now that Dalton is out maybe multiple weeks due to former Colts Jon Bostic hit to his head.

Yep. The 'Boys season is officially over. 

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    • Sure puts everything in perspective, as far as importance of things! Rigo’s a young, healthy guy and this was thankfully caught early, giving him a better than average chance of beating it.
    • No, he still had time left on his contract with the Colts when he retired. 
    • Thoughts and prayers to Rigoberto and his family.  Wish them all the best, all the strength, all the peace, and patience to get through.   I'm relieved to hear that it seems they caught it early.  Hopeful that he will ultimately be ok and back with the team relatively soon.  
    • Flip flopping the oline is not the answer imo. Keep the other starting four right where they are. The chemistry at least remains intact there. Replace just the LT best you can. If not keep te there or back to help protect. 
    • Beginning to wonder if MJC is Ryan Grigson himself.... He’s not been perfect and I’d like for him to be better and take less projects but compared to what we had with the prior regime, it’s a night and day difference.    so I chose to do some research. This comes from Forbes, Bleacher Report and Walter Football as none of them had complete stats by themselves.    The average career length in the NFL is 3.3 years. So since all the above defined draft success as the percentage of starters from each round starting for their team that chose them, I did the same and looked at data showing the percentages of starters that came from each round for the last 3 years. This includes all 3 phases, O and D, and Special Teams.  Per the above sources: percentages of starts by players taken in each respective rounds combined since 2017.    1st Round- 29.9 percent league wide. 2nd Round- 19.4 percent league wide 3rd Round - 11.6 percent league wide. 4-7- 26 percent combined  Undrafted- 13.1 percent. League wide.     now for Ballard, taking ONLY his picks, not previous regime players that are still on the team. Special teams starters are NOT included in this. Just first string O and D.    1st Round- Hooker,Nelson,Buckner(via trade): 2/3 currently starting, 1 on IR that was a starter but that is likely gone at the end of the year, so I’m counting that as a loss. 66.7 percent.    2nd round: 10 picks: 7/10 have become starters. 70 percent.    3rd round: 3 picks, 2/3 starters, that being Bobby O and Blackmon. 66.7%   4th thru 7 rounds: 5/24 or 20.8 percent(this number would jump a few points if I counted special teams.)   Yes, Ballard is above the league Average in getting starting results in rounds 1-3 but below average 4-7....      
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