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Browns could of lost. That would of put the cherry on top.

You had snow idea!   

I started this fool Josh Allen on my fantasy team    

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16 minutes ago, shakedownstreet said:

Big fan of the Raiders this week!


I hope the niners' defense makes Cam cry!

If Raiders lose it helps Colts

Just now, shakedownstreet said:

Jets 3

Bills 0

is that their first lead ever 

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    • One thing I noticed is we do not have enough nose tackles on our squad. It is difficult to have too many of them because of special teams reasons but TN is not the type of team to run no huddle. So we should have elevated more NTs to the roster to do jumbo formations. While our pass rush might suffer on early downs, TN not being a no huddle team would allow us to substitute the lighter guys on obvious passing downs, IMO.   It would be like the Colts in 2009 using 2 NTs that offered little pass rush in Antonio Johnson and Daniel Muir, if I am not mistaken, who had a total of 1.5 sacks between them for the year. It was very very hard for teams to run on us but if they chose to pass on early downs by doubling Mathis and Freeney, their passing lanes were rarely disrupted. So Brady in that 4th & 2 game and Brees in the SB passed on us at will, IMO. Different strokes for different folks, we should have elevated some more bigger bodies vs the Titans, IMO. I looked at our practice squad and we don't have that many NT bodies to be honest.
    • Peyton was also done at that point.  If you watched him that season his play had declined in a major way and that wasn’t just a foot.  He did steady them in the playoffs but he was a game manager at that point avoiding big mistakes that Oaweiler couldn’t and getting them out of bad plays.  Not saying that didn’t have a value because he did as he won the Super Bowl I am just saying he wasn’t the same Manning we knew and loved and it wasn’t just because of the injury.
    • Well, part of the issue is the rotational approach to begin with, IMO.  With playoff caliber coaches, QBs, and personnel; I'd think that once the saw the guy who was only good at one thing, they would audible into doing the other.     So if the light guy Lewis is playing 3T a lot, TEN is going to feed Henry until the 3T stops getting washed out.
    • When Peyton had his issues in 2015 with his foot, Kubiak benched him and went with Osweiler because Peyton was hurting the team at that point. This is a HOF QB we are talking about who had earned a LOT of rope. Once Peyton had minor surgery and was back and active and ready to go, that is when Kubiak put him back, and Peyton at least steadied the Broncos ship during the playoffs.    Unless it gets to a point where Rivers' play hurts the Colts like with Peyton where he threw 3 or 4 picks in 1 game within 2 quarters while the Broncos played the Chiefs, Rivers is our starter.
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