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HOF Edgerrin James on The Athletic

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Great read.



I’ll never forget my guy Reggie Wayne showed up freshman year and he refused to get off the couches (as a freshman you’re not supposed to sit on the couches in the locker room). I loved the fact that he showed heart and was ready to go to war about what he felt was right. (So I stepped to him and pulled him to the side and the rest is history.) 87–32 From the U to The Horseshoe!!


Read the rest here

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2 minutes ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:


I enjoyed that.  Love Edge.


Drinkin cranberry juice at the clerb.  :lol:


The man wasn't great by mistake. Love what he said about him and Peyton. Those guys were WORKERS.

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Hall Of Fame worthy no doubt. Truly a special player. 

Edge was one of a kind that will be forever be in the talk of great Colt players. 


Side note:

His friendship with Jim Irsay shows a part of why Colt fans really like Jim. 

If a player dedicates himself to the team, the owner dedicates himself to the player. 


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Probably one of the most underrated players because of the knee injury he suffered in 2001. Edge could do it all. I couldn't believe how quick and explosive he was and how effortlessly he was able to juke defenders out of their cleats. He could pass block and had some of the best not only on the team, but one of the best pass catching running backs of all time.

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