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Steelers Favored Over Titans At Home By One

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Titans are a balanced offense, Steelers are not a balanced defense, stellar vs the run but their CBs are not that good. So shootout it is, and whoever can force a few fumbles and key turnovers will win. That is why the Steelers are favored, because in a close game, if the Titans are playing catch up, the Steelers D is good for a turnover or two. 


This game is all about who plays ahead, IMO. With the Ravens playoff game, the Titans forced Lamar to play from behind and thus keep their run game a big factor. Let us see if they can do that vs the Steelers by getting ahead with their passing game. 

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I am not too surprised.  I expect Tannehill to have more success in this one than Henry quite frankly.  I think that's exactly how the Steelers will play it.  They'll lean on their strength on run defense and force Tannehill to beat them.  The Steelers haven't looked like world-beaters in the passing game, but Tennessee's defense has been VERY suspect so I don't foresee them having too much trouble moving the ball.  They will need to keep things balanced between run and pass and TD's over FG's will be the key here IMHO.  Nobody knows how much losing Devin Bush and Taylor Lewan will affect those teams respectively, but I'd guess it doesn't help either of them.  If I had to pick, I'd say losing Lewan will make more of an impact in this game, therefore I'd favor the Steelers by about 2-3 points.


NOTE: My first attempt to post this I got an error, so if this ends up as a duplicate I apologize.

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