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2020 - 2021 Indiana Pacers and everything NBA thread

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Some interesting tidbits in this article.


I don't like the way the roster is constructed but I think this organization is a complete mess. I didn't mind getting rid of McMillian, and still don't, but the problems with this team go well beyond Xs and Os. Simply firing Bjorkgren isn't going drastically change things either.



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What a great deal for us. Oladipo didn't want to be here and was expiring.   LeVert signed for next 3 seasons at a great rate.

Same   It seems to be sports entertainment along the lines of WWE.   Have little faith for the integrity of the NBA. I would trade Oladipo for Hayward for sure.

May as well kick off a new thread since we are officially in the offseason.   And we have a new coach!    

On 5/5/2021 at 11:15 AM, Barry Sears said:


That's how it will always be for Indiana and the other smaller market teams.  Every ten years or so a small market team will get lucky with a young super star and do well, until it's time for a new contract and they can't compete with the large market teams.  Plus, Indianapolis isn't as sexy and exciting as New York or LA.

I agree.   Indiana is not a destination for "super stars".   Add to it that the Pacers are usually run pretty well, in that they almost always make the playoffs.   They do not get a lottery pick and have no chance of picking in the top 5.   33 years since they had a top 5 pick.    You really have to tank in order to have a team to compete for a Championship.  Heck, the Knicks are a large market destination and they have had 5 top 10 picks in the past 5 years (2 in the top 5) and they are still fighting for a home court advantage in the first round.  

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