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Is Rivers a HOF?


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Ok, I nominate Rivers for the HOF...because he will eventually make it. But I would stress the criteria as to why( which will be discussed, eventually)

First- because of Perfect Attendance(I did not know that)

Second- for 400 plus Touchdown Passes(Darn good)

Third- Multiple ProBowl Selections(What a good thing to watch if you want a good nap)

Forth- Reeking Havoc Against our Colts.

Fifth- again, Reeking Havoc Against the Colts.(By the way, did he tell Coach about our weak areas)

Sixth, Having A Good Agent($$$)

Finally, it will be great to Win a Super Bowl but an asterisk *

indicating if he never did(Ouch)

Fault me for wanting a Super Bowl...but that is what I want. 

If Rivers is signed for another year with the Colts, then that just tells me that the owner and coach...well, you fill in the blanks.

On second thought, I withdraw my nomination if he is our a quarterback for next season.

I like the Danny Devito video.

I pass my nomination to the fans from San Diego to decide.



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