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Colts Bye Week Mailbag: Need Your Questions!


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They had us in the first quarter, not gonna lie.

Anyway, after that dramatic come-from-behind win over the Bengals, how about some questions for the Bye Week edition of the Colts Mailbag? What's on your mind as the Colts' players and coaches (and maybe even their content creators) get a couple days to rest up for the remainder of the season?

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Why do we refuse to run the slant route?? Ever since Manning it's like we refuse to throw the underneath slant. 

Joe Burrow ate us up the entire game throwing the slant. And I think it would help our offense.

Also, what is Michael Pittman Jr's timeline for a return??

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I know we were playing catch up against the Bengals which explains the lopsided Pass Run ratio but is there a reason Colts aren't running the ball a whole lot?


Taylor YPC have improved and I strongly believe he could hit 100 if given the carries constantly. 


Seems like a different WR or TE is stepping up every week so how do you expect the depth chart to be effected once Pittman returns?


Do you think Rivers career numbers qualify him for the HOF? It was a hot topic on the forum this past weekend.

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