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CurBeat's takeaways - Colts vs. Bengals

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Again TY not getting separate just isn’t true. He is constantly double teamed. This frees up others to get open. Now if we get one more threat he’ll start to put up number. That drag route was the only opportunity he got to beat a one on one. As you also see when River targets him and throws interceptions. It’s always when TY is double covered. 

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4 hours ago, Superman said:


I don't worry too much about Henry, but if their OL gives him space he'll be very productive. So still, it's about run fits. If you don't let him get going, our defense will be okay against him. We gang tackle, there's always five guys at the ball carrier by the time he goes down (which is why Rock's penalty was so bad, just wrap up and wait for the help), we'll fly to Henry. I'm more worried about the bootleg, which Baker hurt us with.


I'm excited for the Ravens game. That will be a good test. Lamar is still a limited passer. Very talented, he can make some insane throws, but he's not consistent and will have some shaky plays here and there. We'll have to be disciplined to contain their offense. They didn't let Burrow run at all yesterday.

I feel like ravens are going to simple run us over and throw the the tight ends  btw running style and speed wise Jackson running and burrow are no way comparable lol we should handle his pass game but he’s going to run it’s his go to 

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13 hours ago, CoachLite said:

Like starting the season slowly every year, the Colts first quarter against the Bengals lacked focus and intensity. Being prepared for a game involves mental attitude and not being distracted by other concerns. If they can correct this, they should be a very competitive team. Big if!

I agree, the biggest thing about that first half was just a lack of intensity,  like they all stayed up too late the night before or something.   Maybe they hate zone coverage as much as we do lol!!!

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