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Post Gif describing Week 6 win

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    • I've never seen him play.     I just know Ballard liked him coming out.    So it's pretty obvious he doesn't "suck "
    • Unless of Fields  slips to 15 ish (I doubt it) I dont think we are going QB  in round 1 this year.... we are WAY TOO FAR back to trade up Also Lance had ONE year of college ball against 2nd level teams..... He isnt starting on a win now ready team at leaset for 1-2 years
    • Hey man..   I hope that you are right   If he would have had a camp this past year, Eason MIGHT have been ready   My hope is he has someone to compete against or if we bring in a FA that can Play for 3-5 years, he can hold a clipboard and be the next starting QB    
    • It's common knowledge that so far Luck has sucked? I know you can't link a podcast...but do you have any other links that talk about Love sucking? The last time I heard anything to that effect was during TC.   All I have found since that time (regarding Love's development) was an article from October...where Rodgers said Love was doing well...learning and opening up. And then another from a month ago that GB was pleased with his progress.    The narrative about adding GB hurting because they drafted Love should be dead...as they get ready to enter the NFCCG. And with Rodgers playing at an MVP level...it's impossible to know how Love will turn out because we won't see him in a Packer uniform for a couple of years at least.  
    • They are still in first round interview mode. I'd expect that to continue assuming they want to interview guys still in the playoffs. Keep in mind the Texans had to get special approval to interview Bieniemy when they did, because they failed to interview him on the off week. They can't interview him again till they are done (unless they seek a waiver from the NFL again).   Purely my opinion, but I think it's simple to me.   If Watson stays, Bieniemy will be the HC. Anyone other than Bieniemy is a signal that Watson is gone. That assumes though that there are teams willing to mortgage their future...   
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