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Post Gif describing Week 6 win

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    • A little, but not as much with this Pats team. The only constant is Belichick. Brady is gone, the team is barren on defense besides Gilmore, and Herbert is better than most Rookie QBs. I don't think Belichick will be able to just shut him down like most other rookie QBs. He also has weapons on offense to help out and Eckler is back in the run game now. I think Herbert is good for 20 points in fantasy, maybe a bit more.
    • You don't think BBs record vs Rookie QBs should be factored in?
    • I am not sure about that offensively, I mean Henry almost always comes out on 3rd and long, it's just that we didn't get them in that down Sunday.  They didn't even have that many 3rd and shorts.   KC only has 2 players who play all the time and that is who you mentioned, Kelce (the best TE in the game) and Hill (possibly the best lateral quickness/pure speed combo) in football.  The both play just less than 90% of snaps.  But the rookie RB plays less than half of the snaps, and I am sure that surprises you.  The rest of the WR corps play betweeon 1/3 and 2/3 of snaps.   Here is a link if you want to look at snap counts.  https://subscribers.footballguys.com/teams/teampage-kan-6.php   It might seem that other teams are different than us in this regard, but they really aren't.     I bet you would be surprised that Henry only takes 65% of the snaps.  Brown and Davis average about 80% when healthy.   The league utilizes all kinds of specialized personnel all the time.    All teams pretty much have different personnel groupings that they utilize a lot.  Belechik probably started this trend.  NE certainly made it's money switching players in and out depending on the situation.  
    • I read that he was brought in to be their starting RT.  I think he might have gotten hurt but not 100% sure.  Not sure he is still starting.
    • As a team, we live and die by the choices we make. Sometimes the best coaches are not always popular or easy to get along with.
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