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Bengals @ Colts Game Day Thread, October 18, 2020, 1:00pm ET

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Your Indianapolis Colts (3-2) look to return to winning ways when they face the Cincinnati Bengals (1-3-1) at home this Sunday. They will play this one without TE Mo Alie-Cox (Out), T Chaz Green (Out)

Keeping a player down when a team is running hurry up is unsportsmanlike conduct refs,  you’ve called every tricky tack call you can make against the Colts call the obvious ones on the bengals please.

Ahh Blackmon... fast becoming a gamechanger

2 minutes ago, coming on strong said:

reich can only call  a very limited offense with short passes .  teams know this and play the run and press our wrs .   Rivers is holding back the offense

Same as JB held it back last year....

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4 minutes ago, coming on strong said:

This needed to happen the colts were to content thinking they were a aging QB away from being a superbowl team .  Ballard thought since jacoby was so bad and AV missing 15 kicks that with rivers the team would be elite .   This is why i am for starting eason because the colts are not a playoff team .  Let him just get some reps in , if he looks good it can give the team energy .

Lol.... It won't be Eason.  They'll just turn to the retread backup if they even dare make a change.

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Just now, ColtsBlueFL said:

Anybody see this coming?

Honestly no. I’ve been following the Bengals and Joe all year, and we’re making Zac Taylor look like a genius play caller. That’s not a good look. 

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2 minutes ago, Shafty138 said:

Obviously withing 5yds of LOS


Uh... I think you have the rule a little distorted. Obviously you can't hit a receiver when the ball is thrown to him . The 5 yard rule pertains to contact "before " the ball is thrown.


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1 minute ago, bestQBever said:

the whole Colts team and roster thought their bye week was this week until yesterday night where they scrambled to try to learn the Bengals

You think the team didnt practice for the bengals all week? 

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    • As well run as the Saints are,  they are historically a weird team with regard to the Salary Cap.   In a 4 year run over 5 years,  2009-2013, (Payton didn't coach in the NFL in 2012 due to BountyGate)   Sean Payton won 48 games.  13, 11, 13, and 11.       But in 2014, there was a 3-year stretch where Payton's Saints went 7-9, 7-9, and 7-9.    So what happened?   Payton didn't get dumb over night and stay dumb for 3 years.    The Saints were in what may have been the worst Salary Cap Heck in NFL history.   Took them 3 years to dig their way out.    People on this website wondered if the Colts might be able to steal Payton from New Orleans to replace Pagano?   Oh,  and since 2017,  in a 4-year stretch. Payton's Saints have won 49 more games.   That's not an accident.  They've been out of Salary Cap Heck for four straight years.    But would now appear to be re-entering........   I guess they balance between the good years and the bad years.   But they don't blame their head coach for the financial decisions that are made.  
    • Just heard an amazing stat that might be interesting for the people giving Joe Burrow vs Mac Jones comparisons:  Tight window completions for the full season Jones 44, Joe Burrow 124. This is THREE times the number. This and and their respective ability and inability to move in and out of the pocket are the reasons one was viewed as a no. 1 pick and the other one is likely going at the end of the 1st or in the 2nd. A TON of Mac Jones' production was schemed wide open and/or YAC production by amazing group of receivers. Now... Burrow had his own amazing group of receivers, but the way he was succeeding was much closer to what he's going to be asked to do in the league than how Mac Jones is succeeding.    With that said... I would still probably be OK if Ballard picks Jones, but people need to have more realistic expectations and more balanced view of what Jones has done and why he's not the prospect Burrow or the top 3-4 guys in this draft are. 
    • Well....   You can be bothered by a loss in a big game, without being bothered by the quarterback you lost to.   Brees is a classy guy.   If you're so bitter that you can't say a respectful goodbye to a future Hall of Famer,  then your priorities might be a little out of whack.    Just saying....  
    • P.S. sorry cowboys fans, I can’t leave you guys alone
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