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Several individuals within Colts organization test positive for Covid

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2 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

Reich just said the 4 people are being kept out of the building just out of precaution. Anticipates they will return tomorrow.


Universal precautions. Another negative tomorrow and they'll be let back in.

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TY is safe, he can’t catch anything this year.     j/k 

Assume the virus is everywhere and make sure you wash your hands.  Corona Virus can live on your hands for 9 hours.  Imagine all the people out there touching things......and then you touch the same t

Seems premature and frankly just ridiculous to point the finger for Colts positive tests at OBJ. But it is what I expect from you

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20 hours ago, DougDew said:

This just in:


Science doesn't know. 


Not sure why so much "Faith" is put into it, especially since the fundamental pillar of science is that the conclusions change as you add more information.  I don't why anybody would ever quote science as the reason to make any decision pertaining to such a fluid thing as covid.


Common sense > science.


These are not mine, but (just some of his) words that have resonated...   by Neil deGrasse Tyson -


“The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.”


“One of the great challenges in life is knowing enough to think you're right but not enough to know you're wrong”


“But you can’t be a scientist if you’re uncomfortable with ignorance, because scientists live at the boundary between what is known and unknown in the cosmos. This is very different from the way journalists portray us. So many articles begin, “Scientists now have to go back to the drawing board.” It’s as though we’re sitting in our offices, feet up on our desks—masters of the universe—and suddenly say, “Oops, somebody discovered something!”

No. We’re always at the drawing board. If you’re not at the drawing board, you’re not making discoveries. You’re not a scientist; you’re something else. The public, on the other hand, seems to demand conclusive explanations as they leap without hesitation from statements of abject ignorance to statements of absolute certainty.”

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I hope the Colts lock it down to stop any spread.  They can gain a big advantage if they can be one of the teams without an outbreak.  Teams will essentially lose their planned bye weeks and have to adjust their schedules creating more short weeks.  

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4 hours ago, NannyMcafee said:

So how many false positives will there be before the test is considered ineffective?


For the NFL, that is not the issue.  Everyone that shows positive gets retested and analyzed separately, and also given a rapid test too as a follow up in short order, as Chloe has previously stated.  The NFL would rather catch every positive case (even if some small amount weren't real) than get a false negative and 'that guy' is asymptomatically spreading it to teammates and coaches while everyone believes he's 'good'. People not in the NFL can be told told to isolate 14 days, even after a (false?) negative test (often they have symptoms too) as a precaution, and getting a retest is a lot more difficult as some of our members have explained.


A higher sensitivity test for NFL (my best guess) is opposite of the general public testing, where they can't afford to tell people who are not really infected that they are for many valid social and economic reasons. Therefore, I could see tests that might be set/analyzed toward sensitivity in the NFL, and specificity for the public.


RT-PCR tests look for genetic material from the coronavirus using amplification cycles. The fewer cycles needed to detect genetic material from the virus, the higher a patient's viral load is and the increased chance that person is contagious. However, the actual number of amplification cycles that was needed to detect any genetic material from the virus, which is referred to as the cycle threshold, often isn't included in the test results that are sent back to the doctors. (maybe it is in the NFL?) It is a quantitative issue, and there are some tests that (are set too?) sensitive (high cycle thresholds) and may generate positive results when they only carry very low loads of viral material.


This is where I like the NFL is retesting 6-12 hours later, and also with a rapid (likely less sensitive) test. If viral loads are increasing, then even a less sensitive test will flag it.  And yes, 2 negatives (almost immediately) following a positive should show it as a presumably false positive, as clearly the viral load isn't increasing in the player/patient and should be cleared to resume.



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