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Next year at QB  

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  1. 1. What would you most want

    • Phillip Rivers,resign Rivers and he's our starter again next season
    • Jacob Eason, throw Eason into the fire in his second year
    • Dak Prescott, sign Dak in free agency paying him close to 40 million a year
    • Sam Darnold, trade a 2nd or 3rd round pick to the Jets after they draft Lawrence or Fields
    • rookie, draft a rooking qb in the 1st or 2nd round

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Andrew Luck comes back. Final answer.

Count me in the "it's way to early to tell" group.   As far as the options...  1) No to Darnold, or any other USC QB... ever. 2) No to Prescott. Good, but also surrounded by a ton

I voted for trading a 2nd or 3rd for Darnold.  I would not trade a high 2nd.  Let he and Eason compete, and the other can be a nice backup.  Its too early to go all in on a rookie, since the roster st

7 hours ago, AwesomeAustin said:

I can see Ballard signing another veteran QB to buy time.  We won’t know who is available until after the season.  Colts are in no mans land.  Good enough to win games to keep from picking in the top 10 but a fringe playoff team at best.  We will waste all this talent on our roster unless we get lucky and hit on a low draft pick or a retread.  

I will be surprised if Ballard trades a bunch of picks to move up in the draft.  We have glaring holes at OT, DE, WR and CB.  Plus the jury is still out on four 2nd round draft picks currently on the roster.  Really can’t afford to give up draft capital but you are only as good as your QB.  It’s a really bad situation to be in.   

I think this Rivers experiment fail is On Reich by all accounts he lobbied to get Rivers here and it has completely failed even if we get into the playoffs we will be knocked out early and that’s not good enough for a QB paid 25 mill with a defense like ours. There should be some accountability for this big mistake. 

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9 minutes ago, csmopar said:

IF, I mean IF, we are gonna move on from Rivers, Brissett, and Eason, I’d rrather draft our future Franchise QB vs trather draft our future Franchise QB vs trying to piece meal 1-2 year QB deals for veterans with a LOT of mileage. 
I have nothing against Cam Newton. But his peak has passed and he’s closer to the end of his career than the beginning. Yes, he’s doing ok in New England, and I applaud him for it. He’s also being coached by one of, if not the greatest coach in history. As much as I dislike BB, he’s no doubt a great coach who maximizes his players. Most likely if Cam keeps this up, the Patriots will extend him long before he’d hit the open market anyway


I said move up and draft the very best QB we can. That meant he could be our future franchise QB. Cam would be there until he is ready. I do agree that I doubt Pat's let cam get away and he seems to like their organization. 

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No way I’d give up a 2nd round pick for Darnold. 4th or late 3rd max. I’d rather go after Carr though. He might be just what Frank needs at QB. Because I’m growing more & more disillusioned with Frank’s game planning and play calling. 

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