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BigQ gets some Baldy love - week 5

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There were a lot of guys who played their heart out but sometimes your best is not good enough because like Reggie Wayne said "the other guy is on scholarship too". Love Big Q.


It is one thing if we lost 23-26 to a FG without 9 points gifted to them and played a clean game but it is another when we make critical mistakes in critical moments to shoot ourselves in the foot. The 34-38 loss the Patriots had to the Colts in the AFCCG, Rodney Harrison said it best "we did not give it to Peyton, he earned it because the Patriots did not turn the ball over till that last minute pick". Those are the losses you can live with. Even their SB loss to the Eagles where Foles played lights out, Brady had 500 plus yards and 3 TDs till that last drive where the Eagles recovered a fumble. That is what your QB is supposed to do, give you a chance till the very end. We always felt that with Peyton and Luck, that they would eventually put us in a position to win. I never ever felt that about Rivers and the offense during the see saw game with the Browns.

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  I’m really sooooo tired of all the negativity, after a loss! Nice to see some positive critiquing. 
   Does the offense have to play better- yes! But this season is far from over and I still think the Colts will win the division. We shall see...

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