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Predict rest of season

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45 minutes ago, Valpo2004 said:

Bengals W

Lions W

Ravens L

Titans L

Packers L

Titans W

Texans W

Raiders L

Texans W

Steelers L

Jags W


That leads to 9 wins - 7 losses.  With expanded playoffs we should make it into the playoffs.


I agree with this


They'll get into the playoffs but then get wrecked 

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11 hours ago, danlhart87 said:

He's still one of the best Guards in the league and instantly improved our line. We went from bottom 5 to one of the best. 


Granted this year we both have seen struggles but I can't imagine how rough it would be without Nelson.

Well we r last in the league in yards per carry.  Not sure how much farther  a team can fall.

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    • I'd love to see EJ emerge. He's definitely got the measurables. I just have tempered my expectations knowing he's a small school dice roll. Thought we'd see him get some time last year, but instead still saw small bits of the other depth guys.   there's some decent FAs that IMO would be an upgrade, and wouldn't cost a bunch. If we could pick up a guy from a cap squeezed team like Jaylon Brown for like 8Mish a year, I think he'd be perfect for our scheme and a 3 down guy. An aging vet like Perryman or KJ Wright might work out too on a modest short term deal. Perryman might be just a 2 down guy, but his coverage was not bad at all last year.  We're in a 4-2-5 set 60+% of the time already. We've never used the SAM a lot even with both Walker and Oke. In 2019, it was Walker at MIKE on 1st and 2nd (and short yardage), Oke at MIKE on 3rd (and obvious passing downs), and then Oke sometimes at SAM vs teams that ran the edge a lot or obvious run downs. Last year Oke started eating into Walker's 2nd down snaps, and we simply played lite more.    Purely my opinion, but you don't want to see Adams or Franklin taking MIKE snaps unless it's an emergency. And definitely not Glasgow. And keep in mind that EJ is still pretty thin. Oke is undersized already at MIKE. EJ is taller than Oke, but 10lbs lighter. Perhaps EJ put on some good weight, but IMO, his lack of power/strength is likely a factor keeping him off the field. He's probably more suited for WILL than MIKE to be honest. If he can pack 15-20lbs of good weight on, and keep his twitch, he could make for a very nice MIKE. It'll be interesting to see if he's made progress in the offesason. Walker was the QB of the D in 2019, and it was him in 2019 and 2020 that filled in at WILL when Leonard was out. That was a little surprising to me as Oke was "billed" as faster and rangier... Peculiar...   Anyway, his asking price is not what concerns me. He's not going to command a lot in this market, and he's not ranked in the top 200 FAs (PFF) either. What my gut tells me is he'd rather play in 3-4 where IMO he'd be much more productive, and would fit his skill sets better. Better fit for him, and probably more lucrative long term. He also can't be happy with Oke eating into his snaps, especially when Oke isn't playing well. Anyway, I really don't want to see Oke playing early downs. He got tore up early downs at MIKE when Leonard was out. If he's our 3 down guy, I can see teams running right at him.
    • Watt is not a good scheme fit. Period. Especially not at that price point and having played his entire career in basically the same scheme. I don't care what anyone says but Houston would be a really logical signing. You don't need him to be Superman with Buckner doing 3 tech.  If worse comes to worst with this cap squeeze, you could get Houston on a one year rental for a discount. He's already cleared almost $100M over his career and he was solid in 2020. There is no way I chase Watt in FA for a premium coming out of a 3-4 scheme. Green Bay is a much better fit for him. 
    • Jabril Cox would be a nice upgrade from Walker and Oke.  Especially since we play the 4-2-5 60% of the time.  He can cover and blitz, two things that Oke and Walker can't do.
    • The thing with this is the best teams don't usually have a lot to spend on free agents.  Its rare for a team as good as the colts to have as much money as they did the last few years.   We also have like one playoff win in 6 years now while having all that free cap space
    • I’m a Stanford guy and am glad we have Okereke.   But I don’t think his ceiling is as high as you seem to think.   86-90?   I’m not sure what that is based on?   Yes, he had a very good rookie year.  But his 2020 season was a big disappointment.  I don’t know why but he didn’t grade out well at all.     If Leonard is 95-100, I’d peg Oke at a top of 85, but more steadily like 75-80.   But that’s only happening if he has a bounce back type of season.   The same kind of season we all hope Rock will have.  A comeback year.  The Colts need a bunch of those in 2021. 
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