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Post Gif describing Week 4 win

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    • No problem on the length of the post.   I did know of Dodds in 2012 when I started following the NFL Draft closely most because of the draft that the Seahawks did that got them Wagner and Wilson. It was looked very poorly upon early and criticized before being graded the best draft in 2012 after the season was over. You are correct I didn't know of Morocco Brown until Ballard signed him from the Redskins.    To me, it is pretty much SB or bust now. I went through 14 years on the Colts with Peyton, a top 3 QB of all time, and only won one SB because we shared the conference with the greatest coach/QB combination of all time. Fast forward a year when we are fortunate to get another franchise QB, Irsay hires a GM/Coach combo that has no idea what they are doing, we don't protect Luck, he gets injured, and he retires not only halfway into his career at 29.   Now QBs like Mahomes, Watson, Mayfield, Allen, and Lamar are either elite QBs for other teams in the conference, or leading their teams to the playoffs every year. Meanwhile, we had a one year band-aid with Rivers, and he retired on us. We lost our LT to an early retirement, we lost a decent amount of coaches, and we'll probably lose at least one of Dodds and Brown next year. For what? A playoff win in 2018?   I paid my dues as a fan with Manning and Luck. A top 3 QB of all-time and a top 5 QB that retired in his twenties. 20 years combined and one SB win. That's it. I was robbed of 10 years of QB play from a top 5 QB that would of kept us contending right now if it weren't for a shoddy GM. I don't want to go through this part of the journey anymore. I want to contend every year. I want to win another SB. 1 SB win with 20 combined years of Manning and Luck isn't good enough. 
    • So well said. Jared, take note. This is great advice. 
    • It should be said up front that I like you.  Always have.   So please read my comments thru that prism.  For starters....   you never heard of either Dodd or Brown until they became Colts.   There are other personnel people in the league that Ballard knows about and that you’ve never heard of who will replace them when they leave.  Bank on it.     Second....   the idea that you’re the only person here with passion is pretty insulting.  There are plenty of people who care just as much.  But they’re a combination of being a little older, a little wiser, a little more mature, so when things go badly, they don’t melt down which you are prone to do.     Third....   I’ve said this before, but I think it’s worth repeating.   Learn to enjoy the journey.  You’re in love with winning it all.  Win the Super Bowl or the season was a waste.  With that perspective, the odds are overwhelming you’ll never be happy.  You’ll never enjoy the day to day living as a fan.   As a fan, of course I want to win the Super Bowl.   We all do.  But in a year to year basis, I hope to make the playoffs.  Do that, and you’ve got a shot at the SB.  One step at a time.   But, as soon as our season is over, my attention turns to the off-season.   Ballard and his team are so good at what they do, that it’s fun to watch them handle their business.  They’re so much better than the previous front office, it’s night and day.    Some posters disappear for most of the off-season.  I think this time is tremendously fun!  Draft!   Free agency!   Replacing coaches that have moved on.   Good times, ahead!  Better days ahead!   Enjoy the journey!  You’ll enjoy being a fan even more.    Sorry this post was so long.     
    • Check that. ESPN is reporting that Trask is going, but not working out or playing. Damn.
    • Here are some of the NFL(AFL)/NCAA coaches who had CFL head coaching ties  Pop Ivy  Frank Filchock  Steve Owen  Marv Levy  Frank Kush  Joe Tiller  Danny Barrett  Kent Austin  
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