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speaking of cowboys they might win division this year at 5 - 11   

Leave me alone!   Browns - 28 Colts - 24

24-20 colts......Rivers tossing 3 in the redzone.  Mo, Pascal, Hines.

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    • i dont know where your getting the information irsay would not let him fire chuck or wanting the 3-4 defense .   watching a couple of interviews of ryan after getting fired he claimed jim irsay was hands off and let him make his own choices .  ryan hired chuck because he wanted to and he was a fan of the 3-4 defense .  jim has always been hands off with his stafff only giving advice .  ryan clearly said he wanted to make things work with chuck and chose  not to fire him .   after ryan was fired jim let chris ballard make the choice on chuck , just like ryan made the choice on jim caldwell .    chris ballard knew luck was not gonna be ready until maybe the end of the 2017 season so he wanted to keep chuck in place to tank for more draft picks to trade back .
    • Year two is where we should really see him hit his ceiling. We are going to have to have a little patience with him this first year until everyone gets used to each other. I think he will be good this year bur 22 is where it should really click.
    • I simply don't know how much authority he ever had.  I'm not sure anybody does.   It sound like he was simply a guy who was plucked out of a job In Philly, maybe having narrow duties, but did not have the managerial instincts and NFL connections to be able to assemble a non Polian staff.    Still, did Irsay help him in this aspect or just let him sink?   It always seemed like a weird authority structure.  Starting right off with Irsay handling the PM situation, deciding to draft Luck, wanting a 34 defense, not allowing RG to fire Pagano, and I wonder who made the call to either keep Arians or Pagano after the ChuckStrong campaign but the team flourishing under Arians.  Not that there was a real choice, but I always wondered if Irsay and Grigs had a talk about that after season 1 and what each thought about each coach and why.
    • We were in a great spot to trade up for Herbert. But we only had two teams we could of traded with. The giants and I believe the lions.  They may not have wanted to trade. Then that means we Would not of gotten Buckner. I think Herbert would of been able to win right away with this team. Character wise he was the perfect fit too.
    • One thing that stuck out was he said he didn’t have a good supporting cast around him helping him make decisions. Irsay would of given him anything if he asked. This is why Ballard is so good. He surrounded himself with great people who keep him accountable. He even said the assistants and scouts at the end of the season get to review his job performance as a GM. He said they bust his balls lol.
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