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speaking of cowboys they might win division this year at 5 - 11   

Leave me alone!   Browns - 28 Colts - 24

24-20 colts......Rivers tossing 3 in the redzone.  Mo, Pascal, Hines.

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We will win as long as we do a good job against the run. Shut it down in total or at least get enough stops that end in field goals. Concentrate on Beckam and make them win with their other less explosive guys. Rhodes and some help can handle Beckham and Kenny Moore shouldnt have an issue with Landry. So far I havent seen us have an issue with Tight ends and just in general we havent given up the deep ball. Beckham is the primary and i believe only deep threat. Im expecting we will pick Mayfield off at least once or twice.


 Offensively I think we should have no problems moving the football. They arent the Bears D. I think we need about 3 TD and maybe 1 to 2 field goals to put the wraps on them. My gut tells me we are going to be more prepared than this young team. Thats ultimately what will make the difference.


28-17 Colts

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Wasn’t Leonard out the entire second half against the Bears?  The D still performed well. 

Groin injuries can linger and affect a player all season. I would prefer he rest it through the bye. I doubt he will be very effective if he plays. 

AC’s PFF rating is 63.6 so far. If injured, his performance could be worse. Do we think it would be a dramatic drop off if he doesn’t start? 

Browns are also banged up. 

I like the Colts in a relatively high-scoring game but think it will come down to turnovers. Browns are currently #1 in turnover differential and have recovered a whopping 6 fumbles. Fortunately JT is great with ball protection! 


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Leonard was running on the side today with trainers. Okereke was back at practice with a club. Walker though was not at practice. AC still not practicing. I think we are about to see what Clark is made of. Going to need great blocking from WR and TE along with a great run game Sunday.

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2 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

The way the ESPN NFL Live crew worded it yesterday it seemed like he was. I hope he isn't. 

He had a video interview today and they asked asked him how was he feeling and could he play Sunday? And he said he could play Sunday without practice this week....we'll see tho

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My Predictions



-Lockdown Odell

-Pressure Mayfield

-Slow down (or stop) the run game



-Drive down the field with several good passes and some decent runs

-Sputter in red zone, kick FGs


Colts 17, Browns 13


We need WRs badly

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28 - 24 Browns.

Phillip Rivers throws an INT and gives up a FF. The Colts Defense forces punts early but turnovers allow Browns to go on a run.


I hope I’m wrong but just have a feeling. Who knows maybe our defense is the real deal and we show we’re a playoff team with the W.

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    • I think to some "favorite " meant prospects that may be there at 21 or in later rounds for the colts to pick. They know Lawrence, Pitts, Chase etc... won't be in play for us.    Besides, most probably only focused on Edge & LT.    Fields & Pitts are my favorites. 
    • @stitches @Defjamz26   I don't really disagree with anything you guys are saying. But too many reputable and credible people are saying it's Jones. And this isn't early January, with people prognosticating because the Niners sent someone to Bama's bowl game, and someone on the Niners staff recruited Jones four years ago. This is late in draft season, with pro days and visits basically done.    Everyone could be wrong on this, but it would be one of the biggest smoke screens of all time.   But I'd like to point out that, while I think it should be Fields or Lance, neither of them are without their own question marks. They aren't Andrew Luck. They aren't Trevor Lawrence (and I don't think Lawrence is the prospect Luck was). They probably aren't even Deshaun Watson. And Mac Jones isn't Tim Tebow.    I guess we'll see what happens. But right now, all the "reporting" is saying it's Jones.
    • How are these all so bad?  I don't really like any of them.   I like that some are a nod to history like the Redtails, but none of these feel like very good names for a football team.  Except maybe Wild Hogs, but if that's the best option? ...   Ambassadors?  Demon Cats?  Icons?  Rising?  or just a bunch of letters that end in FC...  
    • Good signing. He played well for what we invested in him. The CB depth is getting better and better. Wonder if we go for CB in the draft now. Maybe someone like St. Juste early day 3?
    • They got Teddy Bridgewater from the Panthers in a (mock) trade, for their pick at #40.  No need to draft QB with T. Bridge and D. Lock on the roster then.   He also has 49'ers sending J. Garoppolo to Pats for a round 2 pick in 2022.    
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