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Colts @ Bears Game Day Thread, October 4, 2020, 4:25pm ET

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Your Indianapolis Colts look to extend their win streak when they travel to Chicago to play the undefeated Bears on Sunday afternoon. The Colts have a 2-1 record after back to back wins against the Vi

They’ll never suspect it... 

Perhaps it is because Chicago's defense is pretty good. 

1 minute ago, SteelCityColt said:

I wonder if he has a pitch count for deep stuff.

I knew he could, just weird how we haven't been going deep do far this season.


I was teasing more than anything, but it's nice seeing Old Man Rivers chuck it 

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Just now, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Rivers is a HOFamer, we should win this game if we are legit SB contenders. Bears are good but nothing special. 


They are undefeated but all 3 wins were comebacks.


Of course that was with Trubiski

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    • There is no way in hell they do that. They are extending the schedule to get more of a TV presence so they can get more of a piece of the pie. I mean talk about this new TV deal, why you think the owners almost unanimously voted for the extended schedule? More money and the bottom line. You will never see the bye week go away.
    • Yup, basically a nit. A nit that should be easy to look at and fix, but not something I'll ever point to.  I disagree. It can be balanced. I would agree if this was 20 years ago. Shared arenas is a small thing IMO. Other events could actually be managed easier if there was a systemic logic and expectation. TV obligations to the networks would be stable.    Off topic, but I've flown a decent amount to away games, and also to concerts at arenas or other events at NFL stadiums. If you're going to allow flex games (getting more and more the norm after week 4), you're not really worried about all that. Not looking for a deep dive. I thought you were out in AZ and might have a surface opinion on adding Green, Watt, Collins, Moore, Butler, etc. 
    • Discussed a lot in many other threads already...    But, IMO, worth discussing if the topic if it's about Indy's willingness to roll the dice on injuries in general.   Fisher - big gamble on a huge position of need. Early schedule could be ugly if Tevi has to start the first month. Huge gamble.   Dayo - good value in the 2nd. Young and should heal. It's a long term play, one that I'm not sure we should have taken given other needs. Good gamble.   Mack - pretty easy decision IMO. Cheap, and short term. Any production will be great. Good loyalty sign to set him with another team in 2022. If he heals well, he'll be a fantastic RB2. Almost zero risk and lots of upside. No risk gamble. 
    • The bolded is basically my opinion. Good way of putting it.    Edit: Structured scheduling is gonna be really hard. Shared arenas, other events scheduled, TV obligations, etc.    I'll get back to you on AZ.
    • I think what it boils down to, is that there is a significant number of teams that get to enjoy that advantage of being rested over a team that is not. While the Colts have not enjoyed that benefit.    Essentially, the other teams in our division and conference could get +1 for a better % chance of winning their game off a bye.   That probably reads even more confusing, and if so I apologize. It's May, which in teaching terms means my mind is quite nearly a puddle on the floor. 
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