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Colts @ Bears Game Day Thread, October 4, 2020, 4:25pm ET

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Your Indianapolis Colts look to extend their win streak when they travel to Chicago to play the undefeated Bears on Sunday afternoon. The Colts have a 2-1 record after back to back wins against the Vi

They’ll never suspect it... 

Perhaps it is because Chicago's defense is pretty good. 

1 minute ago, Moosejawcolt said:

The Bears r brining it. They r playing the run. I dont think they respect the talent we have at a wr.


We are pretty banged up there.


What we do have left, TY isn't what he once was and Pascal is our 2.

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11 minutes ago, Indyfan4life said:

I’m just...out of things to say to you today. Throw the ball away and stop the clock when they don’t have any timeouts? Or eat the sack and keep the game clock moving. 

Decisions decisions...

You, uh... You scared of the Bears diving for a TD in under 90 seconds?


That must be awful. 

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Just now, coming on strong said:

without mack the running game is not the same .  better resign him i dont care about injuries he is a work horse

This is an elite D. The passing game is not taking any pressure off the O line. We have no wrs that scare the Bears

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1 minute ago, Smoke317 said:

We got Taylor on a snap count or something?

No. Reich has done this with RBs the entire time he’s been here. The Vikings game was the exception, not the rule. He churns the backs in and out way too much. We don’t have a starter, or even a lead back. It’s just a muddle. 

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    • Exactly how I feel. And Brady has been in some of the most exciting Super Bowls, which has made the hate die for me. 
    • Spygate's impact was before Spygate was revealed, IMO, that is why it goes back to those first 3 rings. Then articles about Doug Flutie, who was a backup Patriots QB hearing instructions from the sidelines well after the 15 second cutoff for QBs, were also released that created pause for a few folks. The fact that Charlie Weis and Brady, who is not nearly the QB he was, 15 years since then, being able to know what was coming from Blitzburgh D in 2001 and 2004. For Hines Ward to suggest the Patriots were calling their defensive plays before it happened, you can view it as sour grapes or believe there is some merit to it. As recently, the filming on the Bengals sidelines they were docked for which does not reflect well on the organization that was already caught for SpyGate. The hiring of a guy Ernie Adams, who had a photographic memory, hired by Belichick, to radio down signals based on their filming., there were articles about it too. He was not an OC or DC but had Belichick's ear. There was way too much smoke to not suspect fire. Whether you believe it or not, it is purely up to you.   We won't truly know because Goodell destroyed the tapes of the sideline filming when he was a fledgling commissioner and at that point, the integrity of the league was something he was trying to protect and later, over compensated with excessive punishment towards Patriots for Deflategate, IMO. So, unless Belichick or someone in their staff comes out and admits it, you will never see more proof of it.It has been hashed and re-hashed, so again, I don't wish to participate in too much back and forth on this front, people will believe what they want to believe.  I will leave it at that.   But as far as Brady is concerned, what he has done so far reduces that impact, IMO, to cement himself as the GOAT.  That is undeniable to me. 
    • https://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fthegruelingtruth.com%2Ffootball%2Fsammy-baugh-the-greatest-football-player-ever%2F
    • I personally would've went for it because that is how I am but I am just saying most in here hates it when Reich does it. I love it when Reich does it. Now some are bashing the Packers coach for taking the points. It is just hypocrite stuff. If Reich goes for it yesterday and we don't get it, there would be at least 2 or 3 threads about his dumb decision. Think about this, even if GB goes for it and gets a TD, they still need the 2 pt conversion to tie it. That is far from a guarantee. One last thing, Rodgers probably could have ran that 3rd down play in for a TD instead he threw into double coverage.
    • The consensus I am speaking of is by professional prognosticators, like in the press (NFL.com, ESPN, etc.).  Almost everybody last year were pegging the Colts as being the best fit destination for Rivers. 
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