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Baldy Breaks Down a Great Play by BigQ and Glow

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Nice to see. 


You can tell that is coached and very well. For them both to move together almost mirroring each other not even looking during live action.


The more I think about it the more it impresses me(gives me confidence in team).


More on the  coaching end though, because that is clearly something they worked on this week. For this particular opponents blitzes.


Small things like that get me jacked up thinking how in tune this team just might be.

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1 hour ago, danlhart87 said:


how do you link twitter to here


Click the sideways triangle and click on copy link.

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And here Baldy breaks down the OL and Rivers relationship. He says both are playing at a high level and as long as they can keep him clean going forward he's gonna shine.



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    • Having eavesdropped into your conversation with NCF, I agree with you, but I think you stated it a bit dramatically by saying that he said the QB position is not the most important.  Let me try to clean that up.   I think at that presser, he was laying out a philosophy that said that he is going to build the team differently than maybe what we've had the past 20 years, where the team was built around the skills of one guy PM then Luck.  He was explaining to the fans the difference between what the fans would see going forward and what they have seen in the past.   I strongly believed that he meant that.  That you can win by building a complete team around QBs like Tannehill, Wentz, maybe Foles (who is still posting a winning record at CHI despite the consistent criticism) and your salary cap and roster won't be hamstrung by one guy.....so your team doesn't fall apart when that one guy has a freak neck injury (or decides to quit mid contract).   Supported by the observation that Ballard was not as choked up by Luck leaving...at least not seemingly as eager to see him come back as Irsay and some fans....so that tends to corroborate the notion that he truly believes that a winning football team is not about one guy...which....would be the QB.   But I'm sure if he ranked the most important positions on a football team, he would list QB #1.
    • Colts WR with Johnny U https://www.foxnews.com/sports/jimmy-orr-super-bowl-colts-dies
    • I feel Ballard has done a great job building this team's trenches. Now it's time to spend more capital on skill positions.  WR has been a sore spot on this team for way too long (since Reggie) but Ballard can't control all the injuries. DE has also been pretty bad (outside of Houston). He needs to figure that out quick.    Luck quitting out of nowhere really screwed this team, and even though I don't care for who he replaced that void with, Ballard put his head down and dealt with it. I also was not a fan of giving Brisket that much money, but hey I'm not the GM.    Or when you hire a head coach and they also quit on you at the last minute, he handled that like a champ as well.       
    • In today’s NFL, it’s almost impossible to be a championship caliber team without a top 10 QB.  Of course it’s not the only position that matters.  They all matter.  But, better or worse, the game has become so much about the ability to move the ball in large chunks.  And not all QBs can make that happen as well as the game requires.   And getting a QB of that caliber is hard.  And I would argue that it even involves some measure of good luck - like a 6th round pick out of Michigan ending up with 6 rings...or a guy like Mahomes falling to where he did in the draft.   Even getting one of the top picks while needing a QB is far from a guarantee.   Every team that doesn’t already have one of them is trying to do the same thing.  And some high percentage of the top prospects don’t ever make it into that echelon.
    • but can he win a SB with 2 different teams 
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