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We May Play The Lions On Thanksgiving Day

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It's been said that every team will get at least one prime time game in 2012. I would bank on us getting a Thursday nighter

I will just be happy if we have any prime time games next season. Living out of market and not having DirecTV it is hard to see a Colts game unless they play the Redskins, Ravens, Eagles or Steelers.

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That's not American. Please don't tell me she has a say during the OSU Michigatz game or your man card will be revoked.

That TV should not be turned off a game the entire day. Okay, maybe turn the volume down during dinner.

What? volume down during dinner? the prayer and family speech must be scheduled during half time.. then grab a plate and turn the volume up, the GAMES ON!

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I've been doing a little research about Thanksgiving days and about the possibility of the Colts coming to Detroit for the big day

I think in this regard I've got some bad news...general concensus seems to say that the league is looking to put all teams that have never been to a thanksgiving day game or had a very long drought into the Thanksgiving day games

apparently there was an anomoly in the scheduling formula since 2002 that effectively "locked out" NFC north teams from the thanksgiving games ..this was revised in the '10 season when the Bengals played the Jets...next year the Ravens played the 49ers...who had the longest drought of playing in the Thanksgiving day game...(after the Chargers who have never played)

I wouldn't be surprised if the 3rd game this year consisted of the Steelers and someone else....who knows maybe against the Chargers?

the other thing is that the Colts have played in two Thanksgiving day games in "recent" memory..in Detroit in '04 and against the Falcons in '07

the Texans have never appeared in a thanksgiving game in their current form and the next time the Texans play IN Dallas (the other thanksgiving team) would be 2014 ..unless of course they are added in as the third game either this season or the next

Bad news I know =( all signs point to the Texans..and believe me I hope I'm wrong as it looks like I'll be able to get tickets for the game

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