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Broncos to sign Bortles

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Does Blake Bortles facts make a comeback?  


Also my wife and I have just started binge watching this comedy called "The Good Place" and one of the characters is a really dumb Jags fan and he is always playing up Bortles as some great player.  It's hilarious. 



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38 minutes ago, shakedownstreet said:


He was making money sitting on his butt, thanks to David Caldwell and Tom Coughlin overestimating his worth and passing on Mahomes and Watkins in the draft and drafting Fournette. :) 

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    • In fairness they didn’t get ride of their number one QB.  They broke him and are going to replace him.
    • The kid is special. Great draft thus far if Pittman pans out as I believe he will. Let’s see:  Pick 1: DeForest Buckner: Alpha Starter Pick 2: Pittman: Future stud WR Pick 2(b): Taylor: Starting RB Pick 3: Blackmon: Starting FS Pick 4: Eason: Future starting QB? Picks 5-6: Future OL starter; Stud kick returner;  unknown DT/LB/WR. But they’re on the team. heckuva draft. And Blackmon might prove to be the best of the lot. 
    • there are different types of fans and that is okay .   You think that is bad come to eagles stadium and watch how bad they are .  Colts fans are usually very mild , i went to the old rca dome as a kid all the time when i lived in Indiana i used to think the  crowds were rough but in reality they are so mild compared to philly crowds .   When i moved out to jersey for college it was a huge culture shock .  MY friends are eagles fans and i go to games with them they boo eagles players who get injured when the eagles are losing .     Even when the eagles were 13-3 on the radio shows the fans call in going off saying fire peterson wentz is overrated .  Same with jets fans they are never happy unless they blow teams out every week  which is never .    It doesnt mean your not a fan some people just get crrazy about football and take it out on the team they root for.
    • I assumed they would be bad that division has consistently been a bad division for years. They have had multiple division winners at 8-8. If they were 17-5 that would be surprising. GIants and WFT have been bad for the last 3 years. and the Cowboys arent as good as everyone always likes to act
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