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Vikings @ Colts Game Day Thread, September 20, 2020

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Both teams are looking to bounce back and avoid going 0-2. The Colts will play without their dynamic running back Marlon Mack who will miss the year with injury. How do the Colts replace his productio

That kinda talk is not allowed here

1 minute ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

PR was on the page.  TY wasn't even holding the book.

Yeah...that comment was made after the first incompletion to T.Y. Not the TD drop.  I’m a little delayed on my game feed.  

I posted later that T.Y. should have caught the TD. 

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2 minutes ago, Valpo2004 said:


Looks fast enough but dropping passes.  

That's not 4.3x speed anymore. 

He used to dust DBs over the top, and at least had separation.

If he's lost speed, he's going to have to adjust his game and maybe start working from the slot more.


Not talking about the drop

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1 minute ago, DontEverGiveUp said:

Btw, looked like Rivers had no problem throwing downfield, so whoever was speculating that can give it up.  Nothing Rivers can do if our guys can't catch perfectly thrown passes.


To be fair though the interceptions last week were on him. 


Today he is being hurt by his receivers.

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1 minute ago, bestQBever said:

That looked like the same page. TY is just in a funk

I wasn’t referring to the missed TD by T.Y. With that post.  I made it after the first incompletion to T.Y.on that drive where pass was behind him or looked like T.Y. ran wrong route.  My game feed is a little delayed. 

I posted when T.Y. dropped the TD that he should have had it. 

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    • Think you need a chill pill and a stiff shot of scotch! Life will go on regardless of the outcome of this game
    • Although I agree that most great QB should at least win 1, I don’t think it’s a knock on them if they don’t.  Football is a true team game, and no one player can carry an entire team.  Had the Chargers not #ed up that 06 divisional round, it’s very likely Manning would’ve been a 2 time super bowl loser, with his only win coming at his statistically worst season in which he was carried by an elite D and solid run game.  Even then, I don’t think it would change where Manning stands in the rankings of the elite.     Eli Manning doesn’t win 2 without that Defense.  Big Ben doesn’t win 2 without that defense.  
    • Oh I’m not.     I’m saying I hope we don’t get to see what this front 7 would look like without Buckner.  That’s all I’m saying. We’ve got NO ONE and haven’t had since Steve Emtman able to do what Buckner does.   The secondary will have a lot more pressure on it without Buckner push and presence.  He’s the lynchpin of the Defense.  Only guy we can’t really replace.    
    • Thank you, Dan.    Happy Thanksgiving to all. You all make the forum what it is. Among all the many things that I am thankful for, this forum is included.      
    • Ryan and Q hurting?  What, they sprained their wrists/fingers with all those holds at the end? Lol
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