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Vikings @ Colts Game Day Thread, September 20, 2020

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7 minutes ago, Valpo2004 said:

Campbell was also on my fantasy team.  So I lost Mack last week and now I lost Campbell.

You're forbidden from having any more Colts players on your fantasy team. We just can't handle it anymore.


3 minutes ago, Fisticuffs111 said:

Our tosses rarely work although it looked like JT missed the cut

It looked like 86 couldn't maintain his block to me.

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Both teams are looking to bounce back and avoid going 0-2. The Colts will play without their dynamic running back Marlon Mack who will miss the year with injury. How do the Colts replace his productio

That kinda talk is not allowed here

7 minutes ago, Lancer1 said:

I like how we're moving the ball, but we did that to start last weekend too.

True, but then we lost Mack and went away from the run game.  Looks like the run game is working well today, so hopefully we don't miss Campbell as much as we did Mack last week.  We hope...

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Just now, Shive said:

You're forbidden from having any more Colts players on your fantasy team. We just can't handle it anymore.


It looked like 86 couldn't maintain his block to me.


I should avoid it as they all seem to get hurt.  And that isn't limited to this year either.

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    • Im on the same page as you  CB's are important, but PR is more important   There is a message (and maybe a short lesson) here, with what happened to Rhodes   He was successful when he could play man to man   As he lost these skills he lost his job   In our defense, he does well.   Carrie played decent in our defense last year, not an all pro, but he played well.   He couldnt get 3M on the open market   This defense is set up where your CBs dont have to play man to man, all over the field, which is very hard, and those folks that play that role are expensive.   This defense can take other teams "cast offs" (or later round picks that can tackle) and go play football.........  IF they have a pass rush   We need to start building that DL immediately..... or this defense will always be lackluster.    
    • You are correct!.....I must have looked too quickly at the trade value chart    
    • Zach Von Rosenberg ...quite the story     https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2021-nfl-drafts-unlikeliest-prospect-zach-von-rosenberg-30-and-already-a-millionaire-draws-buzz-as-punter/  
    • Instead of starting a new thread, I figured I would just post this here. It is a good thread to do so. After analyzing every team we have had since the 2000 season, looking at statistics of each of those years, talent we had on those teams, and by my memory's eye sight I ranked them from worst to best, here they are: 21. 2011 (2-14) - worst team 20. 2017 (4-12) 19. 2019 (7-9) 18. 2001 (6-10) 17. 2015 (8-8) 16. 2016 (8-8) 15. 2010 (10-6) 0-1 playoffs 14. 2000 (10-6) 0-1 playoffs 13. 2002 (10-6) 0-1 playoffs 12. 2012 (11-5) 0-1 playoffs 11. 2013 (11-5) 1-1 playoffs 10. 2018 (10-6) 1-1 playoffs 9. 2008 (12-4) 0-1 playoffs 8. 2020 (11-5) 0-1 playoffs 7. 2014 (11-5) 2-1 playoffs/AFC Title Game app. 6. 2007 (13-3) 0-1 playoffs 5. 2004 (12-4) 1-1 playoffs/Manning 49 TD's that season 4. 2003 (12-4) 2-1 playoffs/AFC Title Game app. 3. 2009 (14-2) 2-1 playoffs/AFC Champions 2. 2005 (14-2) 0-1 playoffs, more talent than the 2009 team. 1. 2006 (12-4) 4-0 playoffs/SuperBowl Champions, best because they closed.   -Interesting since the 2000 season, our regular season record is 208-128. Playoff record is 13-15. The 208 regular season wins rank 4th most out of 32 franchises, the 13 playoff wins rank 7th most out of 32 franchises. The franchises that are ahead of us in those categories are: Regular Season wins 1. New England Patriots = 244 regular season wins   2. Pittsburgh Steelers = 217 regular season wins   3. Green Bay Packers = 210 regular season wins    4. Indianapolis Colts = 208 regular season wins   Playoff wins 1. New England Patriots = 30   2. Baltimore Ravens = 16   3. Pittsburgh Steelers = 15   4. Green Bay Packers = 14, Philadelphia Eagles = 14, Seattle Seahawks = 14   7. Indianapolis Colts = 13    SB wins since the 2000 season 1. New England Patriots = 6   2. Pittsburgh Steelers = 2, Baltimore Ravens = 2, NY Giants = 2, Tampa Bay Buccaneers = 2    6. Indianapolis Colts have 1, tied with the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, KC Chiefs.   I guess our franchise over the last 21 seasons (2000-2020) going by these categories would be considered great. Something some should think about before criticizing our franchise or Mr Irsay.      My long historic post for the morning 
    • Heres another Ojulari type of guy that i like. His name is Malcolm Koonce. Same issue although i think hes a tad bit bigger than Ojulari in terms of weight. Comes from the same school as Khalil Mack. Actually built and moves like Mack. They list him as more of a 3-4 backer but he is so quick and agile i think it could work in a 4-3. Justin Houston type. He was in the Senior Bowl but i dont have clips. I think Buffalo ran the same 3-4 type system when Mack was there and he ended up going to the Raiders plaing in a 4-3 system so it could possibly work. Koonce is really quick.          
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