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Vikings @ Colts Game Day Thread, September 20, 2020

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Both teams are looking to bounce back and avoid going 0-2. The Colts will play without their dynamic running back Marlon Mack who will miss the year with injury. How do the Colts replace his productio

That kinda talk is not allowed here

Defense still looking very suspicious. I feel like we have talented players in the secondary who are playing the opposite scheme of what their skillset is. Rock and Xavier are known for their hands and physicality and we're playing this twisted nonsensical zone scheme.

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Just run the ball the next 8 weeks, at that point we might be able to pass again.... How do we still have no WR, No TE.....god ....

Just now, MB-ColtsFan said:

Shoulder pad hit his knee.  His whole lower leg turned.  Not looking good.  Carted off...

No kidding?  That's how ACL, PCL get torn.... It is what he is.

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    • Yes, I mostly agree here.    I think Rivers will play EVERY week.   And you have to respect a guy whose playing with pain like this.    I'm only saying his QUALITY of play may be uneven based on his pain tolerance.   That's all I'm trying to say.  
    • Don't mean to be argumentative,  but.....   The chances of 5 QB's going in the top-10 I think are Slim and None, and Slim has already left town.    I believe the last time 5 QB's went in the top-10 is....    Never.     Off the top of my head MAYBE the famous '83 draft?     And 6 in the top 20?    Again,  highly not likely.        And some of these guys, while getting a lot of attention, the scouts are going to pick them apart in ways that fans don't.   At least one of these guys will likely fall out of the first round.    Maybe more than one.       And remember,  of the five quarterbacks taken just a few years ago in 2018,  the best one came....  with the 32nd pick, Lamar Jackson.    The famous top-4 of Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen and Allen is not looking so great.    Allen appears to be getting the most love of these four.   People appear to be 50/50 on Mayfield.   Darnold has been mishandled and looks questionable at best.   And Rosen appears to be a bust.     So, maybe 2 out of the top 4 appear to be worth the pick.    And then there's Jackson who has exceeded expectations of many.      I'm just saying predicting QB's, especially this early,  is an invitation for a misevaluation.  
    • Well one would assume if he could play last week he’s going to be able to play this week and it’s probably healed at least a little bit.  Is he going to be 100%?  No.  Is he still going to be good enough to play and still the best QB available to the Colts on the roster?  Yes.  That’s all I am saying.  He played through it once already so unless he injuries it more I don’t think it’s something we need to freak out about is all, not that you were freaking out.
    • IMO the hope is probably that he's ready for the playoffs... if we get to the playoffs without him. Officially he's week-to-week. Depending on the severity of the sprain, MCL injuries usually take between 2 and 4 weeks so... yeah... Maybe we get him back for the last game or two... or maybe we save him for the playoffs. I don't know... that's a total guess on my part. No expertise and no internal knowledge here. 
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