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Vikings @ Colts Game Day Thread, September 20, 2020

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Both teams are looking to bounce back and avoid going 0-2. The Colts will play without their dynamic running back Marlon Mack who will miss the year with injury. How do the Colts replace his productio

That kinda talk is not allowed here

Defense still looking very suspicious. I feel like we have talented players in the secondary who are playing the opposite scheme of what their skillset is. Rock and Xavier are known for their hands and physicality and we're playing this twisted nonsensical zone scheme.

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Just run the ball the next 8 weeks, at that point we might be able to pass again.... How do we still have no WR, No TE.....god ....

Just now, MB-ColtsFan said:

Shoulder pad hit his knee.  His whole lower leg turned.  Not looking good.  Carted off...

No kidding?  That's how ACL, PCL get torn.... It is what he is.

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    • When you constantly attack simple facts/stats, especially when there is an abundance, with hypothetical fuzz, then you're simply not being intellectually honest. Combat stats/facts with other stats/facts, not with "maybes" or what ifs. The above is more what if, maybe, deflection stuff. You haven't addressed one fact I've put out with a counter fact or stat. Players fluctuate vs competition, sure. That's why you have AVGs, and put more stock in those data points as the sample size gets larger. For his position (RB), yes I do. He is what his stats say he is, until he's not. Dude, don't try it. You're the one that brought up MAC in both long and short stuff in an attempt to muddy. I spoke to both, giving factual examples of a game where he had longer passes (MN), and short passes (BUF). You're the one that tried to lean off topic.  Having a high catch rate matters. Having very few drops matters. Having a good AVG matters. Having good separation matters. Being a good blocker matters. Being clutch in a playoff game like Buffalo matters. A TE that can run a sail route effectively and in synch with his QB matters. If he only checked one of those boxes, then I would say that one stat may be misleading. Just about every stat he has, and just about every grade he has (from various sources) suggests he's pretty good. I've yet to see anything factual suggest he's not.    And again, you're adding fuzz with "maybe this", or "maybe that". Nothing you toss at the wall is sticking man. Bring a fact or stat to the table for once. Again, more subjective stuff.. OK lol... Must be all luck from the golden gods. Got it.
    • FO has Indy as #7 in offensive DVOA, and #13 in defensive DVOA in it's most current ratings. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/dvoa-ratings/2021/week-19-dvoa-ratings ESPN FPI efficiency also ranks the O at 10th, and the D 14th.  https://www.espn.com/nfl/fpi/_/view/efficiencies/sort/efficiencies.defefficiencyrank/dir/asc   Sorry man, I can't take anyone all that serious that thinks a 20th ranked pass defense against our 32nd ranked schedule is even close to SB caliber. I mean, we just gave up 260+ to Glennon at home lol which is 45+ more than his average. Prior to that, 340ish to Big Ben, which is 90ish more than his average. And in the playoffs, 320+ to Allen, which is 40+ more than his average. When you allow QBs to constantly get more than their average, you're just not that good if you can't hold them to their average or lower. Especially guys like Glennon. It just defies any and all logic.
    • Nope.. gotta find the best... and not of just today, but all time! someone today vs someone from 100 years ago. Gotta debate who's better!     
    • With respect East when one says maybe, one is not stating things as if they are fact.  And if you read the post you responded to, you will not see anything stated as a fact.  Do you really read the posts?  Because it seems as If you push your agenda pretty hard.  There is nothing in my post that stated anything authoritatively. Stats only show so much in football.  I think a lot of people try to act as if football stats are like baseball stats and they are not .   Most baseball stats are based on one players performance against another player.  There is negligible influence on the hitter from his teammates.  It’s him v. The field. football is nothing like that.    You can have great players put up bad stats on bad teams.  And lesser players vice versa and all permutations in between.   In baseball, a guy pretty much is what he is over a minimum number of ABs against a variety of pitchers.  It has nothing to do with much else.     in football that is not the case.  Catch rate over 39 pass attempts is not necessarily indicative of everything that goes into a catch rate.     Do you really think JT is one of the best catchers of the ball in football?  I doubt it.  Most of his catches are easy catches this year.     And East, you don’t use your own logic.  Sail routes are not RZ routes.  At all, they are among the slowest developing routes in the game.  it has nothing to do with tight spaces in the RZ.  Many my posts show that I think MAc is better when he gets moving.  Repeat after me remember?   Much of being a good receiver is not really measurable statistically.  Getting to the right spot in zones and other read routes is probably at least 50% of the deal for adequately athletic NFL type receivers.  There is a recent trend of a few rookies putting up good numbers, but usually takes 2 or 3 years.  I think receiving proficiency often takes longer than quarterbacking. maybe MAC doesn’t read well?  He doesn’t have much experience there.   I think you overestimate Macs catch rate.  He’s got pretty good hands, I doubt he truly has some of the best hands in the game.  The types of catches he makes likely are on average not the most difficult ones.          
    • I dont think we have enough capital draft wise to get a meaningful QB this year, I think the prudent answer is find a one year band aid be it Rivers or whoever, try to make it with them and hope Eason gets enough rep experience and shows ability and readiness for 2023 while you fill what holes you can outside of QB this season; If Eason doesnt pan out and show strong starter capabilities during this season....then go all in 2023-24 to draft your starter. It is definitely a giant uphill crap shoot no matter what Ballard ends up doing.....there is no scenario that isnt full of mammoth risk...I just dont see this QB draft class outside of the top 2 or maybe 3 that have shown enough to take that big of a risk.....and I think its all but official you cannot count T. Lawerence in that count this year as he has probably already picked a jersey # with the Jags, we just get to wait to make it official. 
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