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Vikings @ Colts Game Day Thread, September 20, 2020

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Both teams are looking to bounce back and avoid going 0-2. The Colts will play without their dynamic running back Marlon Mack who will miss the year with injury. How do the Colts replace his productio

That kinda talk is not allowed here

Just now, Fisticuffs111 said:

Kinda surprised our CB’s aren’t getting worked.

We're playing more man and blitzing a bit more it seams.

1 minute ago, Dogg63 said:

Rhodes just limped off to the locker room.

that's bad news with Rock out.

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4 minutes ago, DontEverGiveUp said:

Offense hasn't been as bad as the defense was last week.  They are being more conservative, which is good in this game, but TY's drop cost us a big score.

They aren't being conservative, they just cannot get anything going. 

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1 minute ago, Mr.Debonair said:

They aren't being conservative, they just cannot get anything going. 

Fair enough.  The receivers do seem to be struggling.  But we have run it a lot more today and have been okay with settling for field goals...that's what I meant by conservative.

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1 minute ago, HungarianColtsFan said:


They're plain bad.


We shouldn't have overreacted the loss against Jax last week, and IMO we muust not overreact a win today. (if we won).

Agreed. Need a few more weeks to decide what we are.


Your user name brought back memories of all the paprika chicken I ate in Budapest a few years ago.. Lol

1 minute ago, shakedownstreet said:


not overreacting isn't any fun

Lol... We love feeling DOOMED

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    • Do you think Bill Belichick has cornered the market on ideas?   Do you think he does not make mistakes?   BB made Dont’a Hightower one of the NFL ‘s highest paid players.  So, poof,  there goes your Leonard argument.  When players perform at a premium level you pay them what they’re worth.   Period.   You’re badly over-thinking this.   There is no perfect formula to a championship.   You think Ballard is not aware that when he pays a guard premium money that means he’ll be paying other positions less than premium.   He 100 percent knows that.     It’s always, Always, ALWAYS better to have too much talent than not enough.  Dallas has paid a fortune into its OL for years.   Smith, Martin, used to have Frederick at Center.  Used to have a good guard who left in FA, and then Collins who is now getting paid.   3 of their 5 getting top money and it used to be 4 before Frederick had to retire early.   They had a top 3 OL for years.   They figured out the rest of the roster.     They’re paying big money while a good number of younger players are on their cheaper rookie contracts.   That’s life for GM’s in the NFL.  Too much talent is always a good thing.    You never take a lesser player who plays a premium position over a much better player at a so-called non-premium position.   Never.   Do you think it’s a coincidence that the play of the Colts OL dramatically improved when Nelson joined the team?   Come on....   Sorry, but your logic is twisted beyond all recognition.     
    • Dang, four playoff spots up got grabs between six teams.  
    • Jag fans would riot..  
    • Colts wearing their color rush 
    • Maybe Nelson plays LT this week and balls out, then the problem is resolved, LOL.    IDK, depends on how the draft goes towards filling the pricey players at LT, DE, WR, and QB.  We might have to let one of Nelson or Leonard go.  We might get a 3rd round comp pick for Nelson's contract, 4th for Leonard's contract, and we could find a ILB in that round.  Don't have to make that decision for a while, and if Ballard can hit on those pricey position draft picks, we could pay both while the youngsters are playing on their rookie deals.   No, I doubt BB would pay either....and would take the comp picks.  But I don't think he is a great drafter given the number of picks he has had over the years.
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