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some Overall Practice Impressions


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Kevin Thomas actually practiced. He's also wearing No. 21.


Anthony Castonzo is getting his * kicked, and that's good. He has all the physical tools, and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Having him get schooled by Dwight Freeney early is a good measuring stick for how mentally tough he needs to be.


Justin Tryon is outplaying Jacob Lacey. Yet, Lacey is still considered the 'starter.'


are other notes / impressions

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dang man they just wont give tryon that starting job how well did thomas do?

all it said he was practicing, this was the start, no word on practice except to delight of crowd it started with saturday at WR & running a pass route

NOW THATS HOW ONE GETS HURT , stupid , thats all we would need

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Interesting stuff, but there is no way the OL he mentions is going to be the starting OL way to young. I predict that Pollack & Devan start as Guards. Thomas wearing 21 is a joke. Total disrespect to Sanders!!!!!!!!

lol If Bob was that great we would have kept him. We didn't. So no it's not sacrilege for someone else to take his number now that he's gone. Get over it please!

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