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The Hardest/easiest Positions To Play In The Nfl

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To me its quarterback and center.

No need to explain quarterback but isnt it hard to be responsible for snapping the ball then protecting the quarterback? I cant imagine how much of a nightmare it is to protect them during a blitz. You obviously need to be a quick to think. The center is also responsible for communicating with the rest of the offensive line at times.


Probably runningback and defensive tackle.

How easy is it for a rookie to succeed as a runningback? All it really depends on is how good the offensive line clears the way. The biggest challenge at times is blocking for the quarterback. Defensive tackle is all about strength and pushing your way to the quarterback.

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It really depends on what your criteria is. Mentally, I'd have to believe that you're pretty close to being spot on. Physically, the reverse might actually be true. RBs consistently put more wear on their body than just about any other position although, for the money, NT is one of the most physically demanding and brutal positions to play in all of sports. Combining the physical and mental aspects in your grading just makes things even murkier.

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Hardest position on offense mentally and physically : QB, C, OG (purely physically will be RB which has shortest longevity in the league but their position is one of the easiest to play mentally to offset it, have the vision to be patient and run through the lanes provided by your O-line, the early year success of Arian Foster, CJ2K all prove it)

Hardest position on defense mentally and physically: DT, Safety, DE. To me CBs are easier to transition because safeties have more assignments to understand than CBs.

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Defensive tackle is all about strength and pushing your way to the quarterback.

No, it is not. You play against O-linemen much stronger than in college and unless you are the kind like Ndamokung Suh, your hand technique and strength is not as developed. You have to also understand stunts if necessary, and positioning yourself against the O-linemen as the game goes on. A LOT OF DTs take a long long time to succeed in this league and that is why.

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There are no easy positions because each has technique required that not everyone can do properly. Even field goal kickers have a tough time because no one respects their clean uniform and the fabric softener smell.....

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most stressful position in the nfl is long snapper. you cannot make a mistake. if you do, bad things happen.

The less people know your name as a long snapper in the NFL, the better. You only hear their names when they >>> up....unless they are Justin Snow, in which case they belong in the HOF

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    • I was talking about the 2015 DEN team. They were #1 in DVOA..:probably one of the better defenses in the past two decades.   TB was #5 in DVOA this year. I think that’s attainable for the Colts.   But this just speaks to how good a team has to be to jus to plug in a vet QB and compete for a SB. Even one as good as Brady.
    • I don't know how to describe Stafford. He's been durable for sure. He's also played through some injuries. But there is no way to predict how aging will affect his physical ability. You mention Brees and Matt Ryan but they are much different QBs, and they win in completely different ways to Stafford. Stafford is closer to big Ben and we've seen him deteriorate significantly in the last several years(some of it is injury related too). Think of other big armed QBs that relied heavily on that part of their game. Ben, Flacco... I guess Rodgers is the desireable path here, but again... Rodgers is a first ballot HoF and potentially the most talented QB in the history of the league. Stafford has never even sniffed that level of play to begin with. The worst Aaron Rodgers seasons blows Stafford's best out of the water. Notice that all the QBs you mentioned are QBs that have high level of processing the game(something that's not likely to deteriorate with time). Stafford is not at that level in this aspect, he relies heavily on his physical gifts to win. Also, all of the examples you give are of future first ballot HoFers(they have higher level of skill), while Stafford has never really played at that type of level... In other words - they have higher base level from which they can slide and still be good/playable QBs. This is not the case with Stafford.    And spinal fracture is not worrying for a QB going into his mid-30s? Like sure, I am not saying he will break down tomorrow. I think you can expect him to be good for the next year or two. I'm not sure you can expect much past that... it's really a coin flip IMO. 
    • Yeah...got my years mixed up. The defense that Manning. 
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