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Colts @ Jaguars Game Day, September 13, 2020

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Colts.com provides legal ways to watch and listen to the game. See Watch/listen Colts   Good luck! 

Never take #17 off the field again please...

Minshew won't be able to see DeForest through the trees

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Would've been a good time to try Taylor and ram it down their throats.  Not sure if we need to really use Hines for 4th and short, he's not going to really bulldoze his way in there, lol.  Not really sure where they were going with that. 

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Not a good call - unfortunate after dominating the whole drive. Looks like a play fake to Hines and a swing pass could have led to a TD.


Oh well, come on defense hold them deep in their end of the field!!

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Just now, DontEverGiveUp said:

Not sure I agree with Hines up the gut on 4th and 1, but I'm new here.

I'm not either. I'd much rather have Taylor or Wilkins there, but I'm assuming they were going with the hot hand with Hines.

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Just now, Scott Pennock said:

ALWAYS TAKE THE POINTS! That is a chip shot for 3 more points......

I thought it was a good chance to start Blanks career off on right foot also.

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    • I tell you one thing.  I am much more confident in a victory than I was the first time around
    • That is a moving target.  We have no idea today which College QBs will even be in the draft.  We also don't know which ones might rise up from unexpected places.  The favorite for the Heisman wasn't on many people's radar just a couple months ago.     We also have no idea how our 4th round pick is performing.  We don't have a single hint even.  He could look like a washout or he could look like Mahommes Pt, 2.   Additionally, we have no idea what other QBs will be on the market for trade.  Would Matt Ryan be an option? Sam Darnold? etc. etc.  Those are just names we have no idea who will actually be available.  We also do not know for sure that Rivers will want to keep playing.  There's still at least 6 weeks to go.  Anything could happen.  Injury could quickly make him decide to move on.  He's never been hurt enough to miss a game.  A significant injury could make him pack it up.  We also don't know if he will hold up in general.  What if his arm fades significantly? It happens to the best.  Brady looked awful.  Manning got benched and barely made it through the playoffs his last year.  He was awful in the Super Bowl even though his defense won the game.     We just don't know what options we'll have or what the circumstances will be.  We may see a massive salary cap reduction and they may go with a cheaper option out of necessity.  We have a lot of young players that need to be resigned.  One year QB versus 8+ more years with a key young player can change things.     I am not anti Rivers, just the opposite.  I have said all year that when the oline was struggling early, his quick release made all the difference.  When people were calling for Jacoby, I said his slow release will no longer fly.   But I am also a realist.  We need a long term answer at QB.  Year to year is bad for everyone.  Each QB has pros and cons and we need to build a team that works with our QB's strengths.  I hope that Eason is thriving.   Otherwise, I hope we draft a young guy who is ready to go.  I am not a Darnold fan, but Ballard has a good track record at most positions.  Let's hope when he picks someone, whether it is Rivers or an unknown, they can keep this train rolling.  All that said, it is WAY too early to hitch the wagon for one last year with an immobile elderly RB.      
    • Sorry but that was funny. Lighten up Francis 
    • There are so many variables in football, that you have to pretty much go with points allowed and ypg, but even then things get convoluted.   High scoring teams tend to give up garbage points and yards.  Some defenses willingly allow yds between the 20s knowing their shells will minimize the possiblities of touchdowns.  Some offenses are really good at moving the ball between the 20s, but lack a playmaking touchdown producer.  I think the Colts suffer from this offensively.   I think it's hard to argue definitively.   What I see is an offense that has bascially had one poor game scoring wise v. Balt, and a couple of other weaker days v. Jax and maybe Cle, but I think it is better than significantly more than half the teams, and under the circumstances personnel wise I find it hard to validate the argument that the offense is not a good one overall.  
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