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Colts @ Jaguars Game Day, September 13, 2020

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Colts.com provides legal ways to watch and listen to the game. See Watch/listen Colts   Good luck! 

Never take #17 off the field again please...

Minshew won't be able to see DeForest through the trees

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Defense looks horrific. I will give them a little pass with no preseason games. This happened early last year also. But it must get better. Positive is Campbell. Oh boy he is going to be a star. Hines is going to the pro bowl. In the WTH moment what was that Brissett play and using Hines on fourth and 1.

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15 minutes ago, zibby43 said:

The DL, outside the one play by Autry, is getting no pressure whatsoever (inside or outside).


Every level of the defense has been underwhelming so far.


Particularly the CBs. 

Give them a break, they’re up against ... Minshew.

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1 minute ago, bestQBever said:

Defense looks bad but I think it has a lot to do with no film and short prep. I have a feeling this defense will be poor to mediocre the first half of the year and then slowly get better.

So was that their exscuse last year?? Or the year before that?? They run a basic defence. It is the 3rd year in this D.  No more excuses.

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1 minute ago, JlynRN said:

Looks like Zak Keefer tweeted that Mack will not return. Hope his ankle will be ok.

Probably more precaution than anything, but I'm good with that.

Would love to see more Taylor, though.

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WTH, where's JT the 1-1 punch that they've been talking about?  I agree of the aforementioned comments, Defense, RB selection, sucks at this time.....Need adjustment ASAP or staring at 0-1 and Reich and company on the HOT SEAT!!!

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