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Colts @ Jaguars Game Day, September 13, 2020

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Colts.com provides legal ways to watch and listen to the game. See Watch/listen Colts   Good luck! 

Never take #17 off the field again please...

Minshew won't be able to see DeForest through the trees

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Defense looks horrific. I will give them a little pass with no preseason games. This happened early last year also. But it must get better. Positive is Campbell. Oh boy he is going to be a star. Hines is going to the pro bowl. In the WTH moment what was that Brissett play and using Hines on fourth and 1.

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1 minute ago, bestQBever said:

Defense looks bad but I think it has a lot to do with no film and short prep. I have a feeling this defense will be poor to mediocre the first half of the year and then slowly get better.

So was that their exscuse last year?? Or the year before that?? They run a basic defence. It is the 3rd year in this D.  No more excuses.

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    • I dislike the Saints but it don't bleed over to their players.  Bountygate was enough for me to dislike Payton and the organization.    Brees has had a great career and proved a QB don't have to be 6'5" to be great. 
    • I say no.  How’d that work for the Saints when they did that for Ricky Williams or the Vikings when they did that for Walker?  The Colts have more than one major need to address this off-season and with the cap situation they need as many picks as they can get.  
    • I look at the Browns and Steelers games and I’ll add the Bills game in there too, the defense shoulders as much weight for those loses as anything else.  The Browns game they couldn’t stop the Browns at all in the first half and even though they played great in the second half they couldn’t get a stop with the game on the line at the end.   The Steelers game was the reverse.  Lights out first half awful second half.  That was the only half of like the last five games the Steelers played that their offense could do anything so it’s not like they were a red hot offense that was bound to catch fire.     The Bills game the defense was up and down but they gave up too many drives, couldn’t force a turnover, couldn’t get to the QB, and had maybe the most costly mistake of the day with the off-sides play.     Look I think the defense is really good and I know they aren’t going to be perfect all the time however, when things went south for the defense this year it went really south and they had no answers until halftime to adjust or the next game.  Also I always see people blame the offense or coaches because they weren’t perfect yet most won’t say a word about the defense and if someone does they attack the person by saying well they won’t be perfect all the time but yet expect that from the offense and coaches...
    • I think the Jets do -- easily.   The Colts 7 picks value out at just under 1450 points.   The 2nd pick alone is valued at 2600 points.    So, we're at least a mid-first round pick away from coming close to a deal.   I know a whole draft sounds exciting and sexy,  but in black and white practical terms, we're coming from so far down,  that all 7 picks just isn't enough.   Wish it wasn't so.
    • All of them for no.2 to Jets. Who says no? 
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