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Colts Quietly Encouraged by Eason’s Progress

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1 hour ago, lollygagger8 said:

Everyone knows he has a rocket launcher arm (like Brisket) but let's make sure he can put some touch on the ball (unlike Brisket) 


watch his college tape and you'll see that he can throw with touch as well.

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16 minutes ago, Myles said:

I was hoping he would get a series or 2 yesterday instead of Brissett.  I knew it wouldn't happen and understand why, but I was hoping anyway.  

Eason was inactive yesterday, so it wasn't an option during the game.

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18 minutes ago, stitches said:




Agree with all of this. His job this year is to work hard and learn everything he can about the position. I think so far he is showing to have that hunger to be the starter and beat out everyone else. That is absolutely necessary to be successful.  

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