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Pretty good guesses(for the players) above. If I had to guess I'd guess Parsons over Lance(limited tape on Lance).


I think 1 and 2 go Lawrence - Fields, then it will be dependent on who needs what because all of Sewell, Parsons and Chase are great talents at their positions. Even Trey Lance... if one of the 3-5 teams needs a QB, he can easily go there too.. 


I wonder if there will be some new rising star this year that can get into the conversatiion. Greg Rousseau?

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4 hours ago, BleedBlue92 said:

1. Jets - Trevor Lawrence QB

2. Panthers - Justin Fields QB

3. Bengals - Penei Sewell OT

4. Giants - Micah Parsons LB

5. Washington- Ja’Marr Chase WR


I think Wash would take Lance 

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I can’t see a LB going top 5. This is how I have it

1. Giants- Penei Sewell, OT

2. Panthers- Trevor Lawrence, QB

3. Jets- Jamar Chase, WR

4. Washington- Trey Lance, QB

5. Dolphins- Gregory Rousseau, Edge

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1. Trevor Lawrence QB - Broncos via trade with Jets

2. Penei Sewell OT - Giants

3. Justin Fields QB - Vikings via trade with Lions

4. Micah Parsons LB - Jets via trade with Broncos

5. Gregory Rousseau EDGE - Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons

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On 9/9/2020 at 4:20 PM, danlhart87 said:

1. Falcons Trevor Lawrence QB

2. Chargers Penei Sewell OT

3. Football Team Justin Fields QB

4. Jets JaMarr Chase WR 

5. Jaguars Trey Lance QB 


What is your guesses?


Trey Lance isn't getting drafted in the top 10. 

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1 hour ago, danlhart87 said:

Why do you say that I heard he could go top 10

I think so too. Going by Tankathon's numbers, you have 1 team with clear qb needs in the top 10 as of right now: Jacksonville. However you have 2 teams with aging quarterbacks who could be up for drafting an eventual successor: Atlanta and Detroit. Another team that could grab a qb: Dallas. Its hard to imagine, after not coming to a long term agreement this past offseason, will somehow come up with one in 2021. If they cant or wont meet that number, they could draft Dak's successor. Finally there are the Jets. If they have #1(and that's a good bet with what we've seen after 4 weeks) they almost certainly would go Lawrence. So at this point you would have 6 teams where qb is an option with their first pick, so it is reasonable to believe Lance will go in the top 10

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