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Colts Bold predictions for 2020

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The Colts' 2020 season is all about Rivers.  He's going to have the pass pro he needs up front, a complimentary run game, and also has a good group of skill players around him in the offense.


Strength of the offense is in the OL and the RB rooms.  So I expect a unit that finishes around 10th or so in scoring, on the back of a dependable run threat and a savvy vet QB capitalizing on the play action.  If Rivers plays very well then I think the unit could get up into that rarefied air, but either way this is a playoff offense.


I think the question of how far the team goes will depend largely on the defense in 2020.

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18 minutes ago, funktacious2 said:

1. Rock Ya-Sin is on the next season of Masked Singer, headlines read: "Rock, Ya-Sing?"

get out of here saturday night live GIF by Dianna McDougall


48 minutes ago, Boondoggle said:

I think the question of how far the team goes will depend largely on the defense in 2020.

I honestly think the defense's biggest struggles were when the offense couldn't sustain drives and they were constantly on the field. Hopefully with Rivers at the helm, that won't be an issue and the defense will be able to put out consistent high level performances.

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39 minutes ago, holeymoley99 said:

Wow we are bad like real bad, most looking like zero , some will get 1, a few could get 2, not seeing any 3 for 3 on the horizon...Campbell,Mack and Hooker burned quite a few....

In fairness, football fans are usually wrong.. Lol


Notice you never hear a peep from anyone about all the failed draft picks they were drooling over that other teams pick??


It's sports, literally anything can happen.

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5 hours ago, Riversrun said:

No playoffs without a trade for an elite WR .7 wins tops .

That's silly. So if we don't trade for an elite WR, the best we can do is 3-7 for the rest of the season? I disagree completely, and hope we don't make that trade, unless it yields good value regardless of position. 

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Currently 15th in scoring and given the remainder of the schedule I do think that 10th range is possible for them though I admit it's unlikely.  I don't think the skill positions have been quite up to snuff around him and that's part of the equation here, some key injuries held them back the first half of the schedule.


What's nice is the OL and the defense are there.  So get into the playoffs and then we'll see how far they can go.  You can do some surprising things in the playoffs with a good defense and OL and a balanced offense.  


My concern is Reich.  Don't think he's the guy but hey I'd love to be proven wrong by a nice playoff run.

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