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My final Colts Season Predictions

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On 9/7/2020 at 2:10 PM, danlhart87 said:

Colts at Jaguars L

Vikings at Colts L

Jets at Colts W

Colts at Bears W

Colts at Browns W

Bengals at Colts L

Colts at Lions W

Ravens at Colts L

Colts at Titans L

Packers at Colts W

Titans at Colts W

Colts at Texans W

Colts at Raiders W

Texans at Colts L

Colts at Steelers L

Jaguars at Colts W




Go Colts!

I predicted 3 - 3 at bye colts are 4 - 2

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My season predictions:   * When the Colts lose, fingers will be pointed at Ballard, Reich, or whichever coordinators squad didn't produce that day. * There will be another 5+ page threa

22 minutes ago, BProland85 said:

With how this season is going, I still feel we are right in line to have an 8-8 season That should put us right around picking 14 or 15 overall. 


With that said I hope we are in the range to land Trey Lance or a top DE or LT. 

Trey Lance would be awesome  on Colts 

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