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Fantasy Football Draft and Weekly Questions 2020 - discuss here

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In my weekly fantasy lineup, I originally had the Jets defense, but changed to the Colts defense instead. That was a mistake, as the Colts gave me zero points. Who knew that the Jets defense would have been better than the Colts? :argh:


I did OK, though, because I had Justin Herbert as my QB, along with David Montgomery and also had Travis Kelce.  The Bears' offense has taken off lately.

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Paging @Jared Cisneros @Narcosys @teganslaw - the usual participants that provide feedback.   Place your questions regarding the draft and weekly lineup questions for the 2020 season here. T

Early season Mack but late season Taylor, just like Addai came on strongly in 2006. That is why I feel Taylor is a round early and Mack is a round late in the rankings.     Just my two cents

Go Mack. He is the starter right now, and in a contract year. He also is catching passes in practice while Taylor is struggling. They both should get equal carries a game, and you should be able to ge

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