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If we ever need safety or nickel CB help, he will be considered. One injury to safeties around the league, I am certain he will be considered.


Otherwise, with the addition of Tavon Wilson at safety and Kenny Moore in the slot/nickel role, we really don't need him at this point.


He may want to go to a contender and/or his asking price might be still high. It has to be one of those things for him to remain unsigned.

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I’d say there are two issues for Ryan....   one, in a recent interview he said at this point in his career he’s more a safety than a cornerback.


Two...   I suspect a Ryan is still asking for a lot.   Or more than any team is willing to pay him now. 

Sure feels like he’s waiting for the inevitable pre-season injury and that will force the hand if some team to offer more.  Same with Clowney.   Saw a recent story claiming Jovan has not moved off his $17m per year ask.   He too feels like he’s waiting for an injury.  Don’t know if thus story is true or not,  but it sure feels like it is....

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Clowney is seeing the Jags DE walking away from 19.5 million, and you know he thinks he's better than he is. A lot of these guys are going to get a wake up call, and if the cap REALLY goes down it's going to be a brutal one.

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