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Guice Released by Washington

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As a LSU fan I'm sad to hear a promising young man has gone down a dark path with charges of domestic violence.

I for one was a BIG proponent of drafting Guice when the Colts had several opportinities to draft him. 

I hope he gets his life back on track and gets a shot to come back. Maybe an opportunity for the Colts to roll the dice?  



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First off, the Colts RB stable is deep, maybe top 3 depth in the NFL.  No need for guice.


Secondly, the Washington team had to drop him near as soon as they found out, and then make the announcement that they released him, before media made a circus of it. With the off-season they had, there was no choice for them.  They could not take another hit to the teams PR.

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He's also being accused of two rapes while at LSU. Apparently the NFL knows what it's doing at times. He was a to 15 player that fell to the second round because of character concerns. If Washington didn't take him he may have fell to the 3rd.

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