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*Rumor* Andrew Luck

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On 8/11/2020 at 7:06 PM, Four2itus said:

This is me dreaming of the day when threads no longer include Luck's return or the coaches/GM's inability to recognize the greatness of Kelly. 



Heck, while I'm at it, let's add threads not including:

* The preseason is too long

* The Probowl is a joke

* anything that mentions that +, Tom Brady.

You forgot threads involving “JB stinks” and “Kelly is a SB caliber QB”

oops.... i guess you covered the Kelly one.

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Don't care to see him or that beard again.

Maybe I’m reading this guys tweet incorrectly?    He seems to be saying that Luck retired due to the snow boarding accident.   Couple of points to make....   1. Wasn’t the snowboardin

If he does it likely wouldn't be for the colts...

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