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Update 8/12: Howard Mudd has died (former Colts assistant coach)

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17 minutes ago, Shafty138 said:

RIP Howard.... Used to work with his step son, met Howard a handful of times .. always a class act, and a great guy from everything I heard and saw.  You'll be sorely missed big guy!

Same met and hung out with Mudd a few times.


Great guy.


Truly sad news.

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RIP Howard. Prayers for his family. I remember a show by NFL films where all of the offensive linemen were laughing about how Howard “got their respect”.

   He was the guy who said Burlsworth would be their starter, when Mora asked him how the draft pick was doing. Sad news today.

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God love him!


Still doing things he loved and enjoyed until the end. 


How tragic, though for his family and friends.


RIP Coach.  You were truly one of the best.

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    • Yep. That's a lot of $ though for such a long shot. We shall see I guess. I'd love for him to come back, but I'd also be skeptical of his love for the game if he did. I'd just be waiting for him to leave again.
    • And one more thing about this whole 'he's black' thing...   The NFL is burning through young QBs left and right. Most of them are white. Sam Darnold and Mitchell Trubisky are probably done after three seasons. Trubisky got benched and his team hadn't lost a game yet. Josh Rosen was done before he even got started. Drew Lock is probably gonna be done. These are guys drafted in the first round (Lock in the second) who are gonna get blown out within three seasons, and because so many young QBs are coming in, they might not get second chances as starters.    NFL teams might evaluate and treat black QBs differently at times, same for the media. But if a guy plays well, his team does whatever they can to support him.      Not recouping money from Luck allows them to keep his rights. 
    • Just like paying Andrew all the money when he left lol. Not a biggie. Moving on.
    • I like what I saw that's for sure, just conservative with expectations. Hopefully he's using his time well and learning his routes, and smoothing out the rough edges. I still haven't given up on Dulin, Patmon, or Fountain yet. Dulin and Fountain, like Harris, are small school kids that are projects. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't. But I like all of them as worthwhile risks.
    • Agree with it was probably more the issue of wanting JB to be paid starter money. As a business decision , it just didn't make a whole lot of sense .
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