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15 minutes ago, WoolMagnet said:

Dear Jim,

  Please be safe.  Avoid people as much as possible.  At your age, and with some of the underlying conditions i believe you have, i am very worried about you.

  I feel you have done much to bring me happiness thru a great product you have put together.  It would break my heart if you got this virus and suffered, or worse.

  I consider you a friend even tho i never met you and this team and i , for that matter, need you leading this ship.


  A devoted fan.




Thank You, I second the emotion!

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13 minutes ago, J@son said:

You know he has a Twitter account, right? And it's far more likely he reads that than this forum :P

Uh.... yea.  This was more for “us” to think about.

But thanks for stating the obvious.

I dont do twitter, or facetrap, or any of thatcrap.

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4 hours ago, J@son said:


Just making sure :thmup:

No problem.

not offended, what u said was true.

i just wanted “us” to just acknowledge and reflect that Jim is in the age group that is most negatively affected.  
Sorry if i got snarky


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This was very nice.   I had avoiding clicking on it bc I figured it was a list of wants and demands the Colts needed to do that would be impossible to complete.  Everyone in charge during this virus is in an extremely difficult position. They still have to run a profitable business so their employees can keep their jobs but in a way that meets the extreme and sometimes outlandish demands of society and politics.  One wrong move the mob deems unworthy and it can cost careers.  So...stay safe Mr Irsay, you have a tough road ahead of you. 

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