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possible salary cap cut coming this year

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So was watching ESPN just now and they said that the NFL and NFLPA are negotiating a salary cap cut for this season only due to forecasted loss of revenue due to COVID , three different proposals, one for cutting 35 percent from the cap, the other for cutting about 40 million from it and reducing the roster size from 90 to 72 for training camp. The third proposed a multi year cut to the salary cap, effective immediately, thru the next 3 years. Rough estimates in the 15 million per year range. 


this is gonna get interesting real quick.

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Salary Cap will drop by a maximum of $23m next season.


As it sets at $198m this year, and an agreement that still needs voted on to drop to minimum of $175m in 2021.


If money is still short it will affect caps in 2022, 2023, 2024




Actually looks like ot has been approved now.




Also Practice squads increased to 16 players.

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Having the cap go down is going to be really tough on cap strapped teams.  It might be a blessing for us.  Because just as the new contracts are coming up for our great 2018 draft class, the cap is being cut which means that contract sizes will actually go down and not up.


So we could lock them in relatively cheap before the cap starts climbing again.


Also some teams will likely have to let go of some good vets who are now very highly priced in order to meet the new cap. 


When you think about how it affects the whole league it advantages teams that have big names to re-sign within the next couple years and teams that have a good deal of cap space left.  Both of which apply to the Colts.


The teams with little cap space and the ones who just extended some big name guys get hurt the most by this.

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