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NFL Cancels Hall Of Fame Game

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It looks like with the Coronavirus spreading more, this season could be decided, on a weekly to monthly basis, if not at all this year. I guess time will tell if we have a shorten season or none at all. I will be like us waiting to see if Luck was going to play after he got hurt. Oh the pain! 

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Unless something drastically happens over the next few months, even without fans in the stands, with the close contact of players,  blood, sweat, etc... there is no way it could work, unless they all play in deep sea divers suits or astronauts apparel. Not conducive to very good game play, if you can picture that. lol.   

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It's a big bummer.   I think this Colts team has the most potential of any Colts team for many years.  To lose this season will suck.  Not just because of the loss of football, but losing what could have been a great years for the Colts.  Mack and Taylor in the backfield was going to be fun to watch.  

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  Considering the state of afairs outside of the virus, i sadly do not want to see what many of the players want to do on the field pre-game.
 Let them give their minds and spirits to become part of, even be Leaders for their causes. 
 Needed Change is coming, but we need a whole lot of right thinking change makers to help get it done instead of throwing bricks.
 This old fart is ready to see equality like we have never seen before.

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Edge will get his due. He got in that is what counts most. I hope Reggie eventually gets in. To me Reggie was a better Colt than Edge was and I loved Edge. My top 5 Indianapolis Colts greatness wise ever still remain:

1. Peyton Manning -will be in the Hall


2. Marvin Harrison - in the Hall


3. Dwight Freeney - not in the Hall, he made things easier for Robert Mathis because he got doubled a lot. I used to call him the closer once we got a lead, because he would always come up with a late sack to end it. Freeney is definitely 3rd because without him in SB 44 in the 2nd Half our defense looked bad. His importance was huge to that team. Had we had him healthy, we win that game despite the on sides kick, etc.. 


4. Reggie Wayne - not in the Hall


5. Bob Sanders - not in the Hall and won't get in because he didn't play long enough. He won DPOY in 2007 = only Indianapolis Colt ever to do so.  Other than having Peyton, he was the main reason why we won SB 41. 


-I am glad Edge got in finally, it was well deserved no doubt.

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