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2021 best year for drafting The interior offensive line

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The interior offensive line was widely considered one of the weakest position groups in 2020. However, 2021 is a completely different story. I currently grade three players as first-round talents and up to 15 as day two talents. For comparison, only one interior offensive lineman was taken in the first round last year and a total of seven were taken in the first two days. With so much talent in this year’s class, here are my 2021 interior offensive line rankings.



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6 minutes ago, fire cartier said:

are weakness rg ,  and then replacement for are left tackle.

Either Glow returns to his 2018 level... 


Or Danny Pinter could be looked at As his replacement at RG.     I don’t see us shopping heavy for interior line help in 2021.   We look to be good.


But your enthusiasm for the draft is outstanding and always welcomed here! 

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