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If you’ve followed Ohio State football over the last couple of years, you know how valuable right guard Wyatt Davis is to the team. Out of Bellflower, California’s national powerhouse St. John Bosco High School, he came in ready to play. He’s arguably the most valuable player on the OSU offensive line.      Count ESPN in the crowd that sees just how talented the six-foot, four-inch, 313 lb. mountain moving of a man is. The worldwide leader in sports programming has come out with a top ten list (subscription required) of best returning offensive lineman, and Davis checks in at No. 2, just behind Oregon’s Penei Sewell.   

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And their center Josh Meyers is just as outstanding. He just doesn't get quite the same amount of notoriety. Last year was the best interior line I've ever seen in all my years watching OSU, and that's saying something, given that I've seen or heard every game since the early 70s. Davis, Meyers and Jackson last year were virtually impossible to penetrate, and moved forward in front of Dobbins, Fields and company like a tsunami. Really, really incredible.


And here's the thing.


They'll be even better from guard to guard this year, hee hee hee. Because Harry Miller, the new left guard, is even better than Jackson.

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I'm always skeptical going into every new college football season, because you always have a bunch of new kids taking on their first major roles at the college level. And that includes kids in backup roles, but ones in which they play a lot of meaningful snaps. So until I "see it" enough times from them, I don't allow myself to expect anything too grand.


Even with the kind of major talent teams like OSU almost always have, football is the ultimate team sport. So all it takes is one weak spot to let the team down, and an otherwise special season becomes just another year.

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