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    • He said not coaches or one day contracts which is how those guys did.   I forgot about him, but he also is more of the not bigger named guy. He had less than a fullseason of total games over the 2 years he was there
    • Look man I don’t know what’s going on in there and you don’t either. I’m sure he is likable because so many people say it.  But I would be surprised if there weren’t several guys who were rolling their eyes when they brought JB in on that goal line play.  I’d also be surprised if many players weren’t aware that JB has gotten a lot of praise and more importantly so much money with such an abysmal number of horrific QBR games and he got progressively worse. I would be absolutely shocked if offensive players weren’t happy PR was brought in.  JB is also a stat killer which leads to lost money.     I don’t think JB gives a team a very good chance of winning any game.     I can see why people look at the 5and 2 but JB was not any good overall the first 7 games and was godawful in his last 7.     hes 27 or so and has no future here.  We have to develop someone or start losing a lot quickly for draft position because this team will need someone soon.   There is a few types of players I’d prefer. 1. A vet who has won some games.  Hasselbach, Foles,  Smith types.2.  A lights out athlete that might be able to shock another team if he has to come in for a game or two. 3.  Or someone being developed.   if we knew we had our guy, that would be one thing.   i totally wanted rivers and am glad we have him but he is on short time.  I think you are wasting a spot.   we could have had newton, Winston, dalton and a number of others As backups.  if we were really that serious about this year.  We could have cut JB and signed two of those guys if we wanted to.p without losing any money.        
    • Yeah listing the defense is a little tougher. I have to think about it. Offense was pretty easy. Leaving Edge off bothers me but Dickerson was better IMO and played here long enough to make this team. Dickerson was better than Faulk as well at least IMO. 
    • Well that’s the thing trey back they are healthy at TE now as Doyle played last week and Mo has been ballin out.
    • Interesting view of both QB's in this upcoming game..... (They're both advised to "sit em")   https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-fantasy-football-start-em-sit-em-week-4-quarterbacks
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