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Drew Brees apologizes

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Give the man a lot of credit. I have a lot of respect for someone who realizes he may have underestimated what the kneeling means to a lot of folks, given the circumstances in the country. 


Joe Horn was the one who got it right (props to @danlhart87 for quoting him in the other thread). Brees has done a LOT for the city of New Orleans, for the African American community and families. His heart was always in the right place. I did not get to post my final thoughts in the other closed thread stating that people were overreacting and not taking into account his history and character he had displayed so far. If people were protesting based on the history of treatment by law enforcement, they needed to consider the same history before judging Brees and it was a high character one, IMO.


Still respect and admire Brees a lot. Hats off to him because it takes a courageous and humble man to do what he did.

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Exactly, it's easy to get angry at him for those comments but miss that they're being hypocritical.


And, someone who cares for all communities could still dislike everyone not standing up for national anthem. Not saying kneeling is not right, it is, but some might not like it, and that's okay. 


If Brees doesn't like it, and he should be allowed to speak his mind, whether that's right or wrong. Those who criticize him in social media could try to say their perspective of how kneeling isn't disrespectful to the national flag or country or veterans, without accusing him of not supporting African American community.


Like how Malcolm Jenkins reached out to him to talk about that (not sure how their conversation went, but at least he reached out and shared his perspective).


It doesn't have to go hand in hand. 


Social Media has turned out to be a platform for getting triggered and making a mass portrayal of person(s), without letting them speak their mind even if that's not what they wanna hear. 


There's nothing wrong in one person thinking that kneeling is disrespectful, it doesn't make kneeling disrespectful. There's a difference, a thin line of difference that shows understanding and empathy.


if anyone doesn't like it, they should say why he's thinking the wrong way, rather than throwing stones at him. 


We are quickly turning out to be a society that wouldn't let someone speak up their mind, get them to intelligent conversation if they seem to be unaware and send the message across in constructive manner, rather than forcing everyone to think and say same thing, which is why people, who can't speak up now and clear the mind, boycott games or call NFL league office to complain when a player kneels. 


Brees seems to be one such fellow who just happens to have a different point of view, not necessarily against the African American community.


Rather people quickly shut down what Brees wants to say, while at the same time accusing everyone else of not letting their voices heard in day-to-day life and social concerns.


Do people who criticize Brees and be angry on him realize that they're doing the same thing that has been repeated over centuries, which is exactly the cause of all this melting pot? 

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9 minutes ago, LockeDown said:

He was shamed into it. That’s nothing but bullying and hurting a persons reputation, forcing him into a position where he has little choice otherwise. 


This is one case where I do not think Brees should have taken the media question, when things around him were emotionally charged, especially given that the league is primarily made up of African Americans. People were sensitive all over and were jumping to conclusions, without regarding his wonderful history. 


A little bit of Sergio Garcia vs Tiger Woods reminder to the world, I guess.


Calling a spade a spade.

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13 minutes ago, LockeDown said:

He was shamed into it. That’s nothing but bullying and hurting a persons reputation, forcing him into a position where he has little choice otherwise. 

Sadly this is where we are today. Unable to share differing views without being absolutely lambasted and prejudged despite having a led a life of charity like Brees has.

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    • I think there are several factors...but we aren't privy to their process. One thing that hasn't really continue to work out is putting a huge emphasis on the Senior Bowl. Worked tremendously well with Leonard and Smith...but not so well with others.   But I think the plan was to build the trenches first...with an overall focus on the defense. The problem is that just using early picks at those positions doesn't necessarily work. Other teams are smart too...and truly good pass rushers and CBs don't last very long. So in effect, they were over-drafting EDGE guys at times.   A bigger aspect too...is that many of these players were projects...either through where they were in their development OR how they intended to use them.    Then you have the Sweat trade back. Ballard is clearly not averse to risk...so I will never get how he passed on a chance to draft an SEC EDGE who put up 30 sacks over two seasons (and had just blown up the Combine). There is just no way to spin it...either they missed the evaluation OR they liked Banogu more. But that one move would have changed the outlook of their team needs dramatically. As would have drafting Brown or Metcalf.   On that note, it wasn't until his 3rd year that they spent a Day 1-2 pick on a skill position...and even that player was a project. They still have yet to draft a TE early...despite how much they utilize the position (and despite both Ballard and Reich coming from organizations that had tremendous success from investing in the position).   But I understand why they took their initial approach...and fortunately it seems to have shifted...with the drafting of Pittman and Taylor...and I hope they continue to invest on that side of the ball.  
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